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Bike over now will not start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by fran_e, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. Good morning,
    Wayne (Waedwe) just rang and asked me to post a question. He has tipped his bike over (ZZR1200) while running and now it won't start. I suggested flooding, so to stop trying for a while. But he also said he has heard of a "tip over switch" and wondered if anyone knows where it is?

  2. Pushed it up the road a bit to the top of a hill and clutch started it going down the other side. He is going to be hurting when he gets home, that aint a light bike, and his shoulder's stuffed anyway. I'm guessing today will be spent on netrider :p
  3. Ohhh see now this sounds like punishment for not resting the shoulder in the first place lol He should have listened to you ;)
  4. I think his bike is fuel injected anyway, isn't it, so flooding doesn't seem likely?

    Anyway, sounds like we'll hear about it anon....
  5. whoops not me is under mrs frans sign in still
  6. yes it was me stopped while riding on the edge of the road and the stand sunk in as i hopped off, next thing i knew the bike sent me on a very impressive orbit i landed on my feet the bike didnt, picked it up and couldn't get it to start, the zzr is actually carbied so let it rest , no delight from flooded motor, waited longer still no kick over, searched for a mythical tip over switch none found, played with fuses, saw 1 pop out and go flying never to be found inside the fairing, hmmmn which 1 was that i was popping out aaarggh that was the ignitions fuse put the horn fuse in the ignition fuse still no joy, push the heavy bugger up a hill puffing and panting, into nuetral roll down into gear and clutch start kicked it over.
    Thanks to the few people that stopped (riders in cars on the way to work), i was out near penrose so not much around and it was appreciated.
    The damage, scracthes on fairings noticeable but not terrible, luckilly not cracked no broken levers , 1 bruised ego for being so dense and not looking the stand was going onto solid ground
  7. parking puck looks good and only 10 bucks i will grab 1 until then i will just have to never assume the ground is as solid as i thought, scratched fairing pics

  8. Ah that's nothing, obvious it was a stationary drop too. Don't worry... you'll just feel like a goose for a good while. It shouldn't drop the value much if at all. Maybe a paint touch-up guy can do something with them to make it look a little better?
  9. still feeling like a goose definitely, and happy theres no serious damage to the bike, can't let the morning end like this, i'm off for a spin :grin:
  10. next time try holding the started button and slowly winding the throttle open.

    And as for the parking puck? Crushed aluminium can.
  11. yeah, there's always one of them lying around...

    all you have to do is stop the bike, put it on its sidestand, walk over to where the can is, crush it, then walk back, pick up the bike from where it's lying, and put the crushed can under the sidestand....
  12. there's a lot more cans lying around than parking pucks :LOL:

    If you're going to carry the puck, then why not carry the crushed can? I did for years (don't now for some reason(?)).
  13. The switch i think you're talking about uses a mercury-like switch that will cut ignition while tipped over, but is fluid so will reset soon as you get it back up :)
  14. I WAS having a bit of a lend of ya, there :) :LOL:

    I actually have a plastic "puck" that I got off the front cover of a Brit motorcycle magazine, and I carry it in my mini-ventura Sports bag all the time.

    But you've got to get off the bike and get it out of the bag........
  15. I use my Toe as a puck.
  16. how dare you post that ghastly pic again :shock:
  17. well i made it up to the bike by taking it out and feeding it some corners, a few runs up the mac pass and it looks a lot happier, starting fine just a few idiot scratches to remind me to observe the ground more that the stand is going on and never get distracted
  18. The Pass was in sparkling condition today, was it not?
  19. It was looking and feeling great, and i had a very traffic free run made for a very good afternoon