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Bike over in garage, end of my nice weekend...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Ampto, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. So after getting home from a nice get away for the weekend i thought i'd take the bike out for a spin. I'd unlocked the bike and wheeled it out of the way, kicked the stand down and walked over to grab my gear.

    Crash! Bike tipped over the opposite side of the stand smacking into the garage door sliders, damaging the tank and broke the screen off the fairing.

    I don't know what happened, but i think the bike tried to slide down the slight slope and tipped over, i'm kicking myself for parking it there i normally wheel it down out of the garage but i was just too impatience to ride. Well that ended my nice long week end.

    not sure what the cheaper option is, i don't know it the fairing can be glue back on or some thing and if the tank can be fixed. Anyone fixed damage like this?




  2. plastic weld might help for fairing. Get a quote, how much is your excess?

    And always leave it in gear when standing..
  3. ahhh that aint good mate... sorry to hear.. have you tried polish ????
  4. Yeah i know what i should and normal would do, but i was just to eager to get out and ride. Excess is huge as i'm under 25. Does plastic weld work for broken fairings? I've only seen it done on cracked ones.

    i think its past polishing it out haha
  5. You can either fix the tank at a panel beater or get a aftermarket fairing piece to go over the tank, or can always get 1 of those leather tank thingies to hide it
  6. Everything is closed today obviously but does anyone know what kind of money i'm looking at the fix the tank? Its not that bad really but it was in perfect condition and i wanted to keep it that way...
  7. sorry to hear about your long weekend mate mate i hope u get back to riding soon :)
  8. Dam brick walls, did you kick it....I would have lol