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Bike or Car?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mrorbid1, Apr 10, 2007.

  1. Going to be in goulburn for 6months come may and the quickest trip from bathurst is thru oberon and black springs (for those who know the area) about 2 hr trip. problem is there is about 10k's of dirt road 5 of which is pretty rough could only do 60 in the car safely on the weekend. my bike is my main transport (vt250c) and im wondering if it would be worth ridin it on the dirt or would it be a bit touch and go (on my l's) the missus suggested i sell it and get a cheap car but i dont wanna do that but if i have to then theres not much i can do or would there be a bike that would be reasonably stable on the dirt?

  2. Take ya bike, dirt and gravel aint much. I took my bike on really rough gravel and dirt and i was going faster then other cars/4WD. Just remember if your on dirt don't snap your throttle open, well you can but make sure there is no gravel coming up.

    Oh yeah, barely use your front brake and try not to lock up the rear and really slow down for those corners.
  3. Cars can be pretty cheap. Friend picked up a commodore VN.. or VP 1989 for $650, no rego. 300k kms, but it still runs well. Crazy holden! Not the most attractive thing, but for a strong car that will go, can't really beat $650.
  4. I wouldn't do it on my bike (16" front wheel is REALLY spooky on dirt) but you should be ok on the Honda. It's good practice if nothing else.

    Of course, given the temperature at that time of the year there, what with snow and all, a $650 dunnydoor might be a better idea, and you can still keep the bike, eh??
  5. i'll take the bike a few bump and hump's sounds fun :p
  6. Stick Nobbies on ya bike :)
  7. If its only 5 kms I would use the bike, just go slow and as someone said avoid the front brake. Try not to lean it at all and stick to a tyre track as it is normally the smoothest part on a dirt road.
  8. goulburn aye, go easy on the water there as im pretty sure they are level 5 restrictions or something silly.
    Why you going there for? not much there except for wakie. i bet you will get real bored real quick, lol.
  9. My guess would be the Police Academy, LLOD, and, yes, there are level 5 restrictions there, although over the last six weeks there has been enough rain to fill tanks and farm dams and remove the awful grey from the paddocks.
  10. you guessed it :oops: