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bike or car with 2 wheels?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by rat man407, May 9, 2012.

  1. I like it, but I could see a rider getting stuck in it in a simple low side and getting torn to threads. I would hope the canopy is designed to pop off if it tilts below a certain distance.
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  2. I thought all bikes were all weather?
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  3. I think it is shit.
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  4. I think it looks cool.
    But you'd be stuck in the 'riding' position even when you stop at lights etc.
    Oh my aching back!!!
  5. Electric bike, now you can be hard to see and silent. Gold.
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  6. Or strap on a ghetto blaster with bike sounds!! (y)
  7. Don't like the chances of getting your knee down in the corners.
  8. Cool idea. Yes
    Practical. No
  9. yep i really want to hang a giant thick glass windscreen and alu frame off my front end. sounds epic.
  10. I have no idea why this vehicle would allow you to ride helmet free. What do you think happens when you hit something doing 50kph, the bike stops dead, and you fly head first two feet forward into the canopy?

    At closer look, the design has been produced by a "visual communication specialist" with his own company that "deliver attention-grabbing ideas and images that get everyone talking." Have a look on the site if you want to see some cutting-edge "designs" of flying cruiser ships, flying motorcycles, submarines on tank tracks and, my personal favourite, the "Wi-Fly" - the "first in a series of personalized public and private transportation devices that require the driver to stand while driving," which "is fitted with over 10 cameras to record your every move." Naturally, "The pod is designed to be controlled standing up and as such does not require a seat belt."

    I think it goes without saying that only a moron would look at the bike in the OP and think "safety."
  11. I was in Paris last week and I've seen heaps of these weird BMW scooters, similar idea to what the OP posted, and it seems like the riders don't need to wear a helmet , there is even a seat belt and a windscreen, but it's still essentially a scooter...

    I can see a lot of problems if someone had a crash in one... No helmet obviously, but the seatbelt means you are connected indefinitely in a collision, with no protection side on, your going to be sliding down the road on your shoulders and arms and nothing else... And of course, since there's no helmet requirement, anyone riding these is not wearing any other gear.


    I'm in barcelona right now (for the F1) and I haven't seen any here yet...
  12. The C1 underwent extensive crash testing. Very extensive crash testing. It had to in order to convince the various European authorities to exempt it from helmet laws. The concerns you raise are a complete none issue. Or rather they were, because BMW discontinued the C1 a while back.
  13. Bringing it back again I have heard. Possibly an electric version too.

    I wonder how you crash test a PTW - as though it were a car?
  14. Pretty much, is my understanding. Whilst I'm not across the detail, I believe the main scenario was a SMIDSY type frontal impact and that, in these circumstances, the C1 was deemed to provide a comparable level of occupant protection to a small car meeting European requirements.

    Whilst a lengthy slide on its side (how many places on the average commute is that really likely to happen?) might conceivably file a bit off the rider's peripheries, provided the lap/double sash seat belt is worn, their vital bits remain inside the cage formed by the frame rails and, critically, won't contact anything solid unless the cage is actually crushed. Much like in a car.
  15. This?
  16. wow i just looked at the picture again and compared to the suzi concept (which looks bossing btw)

    Literally the guy photoshopped a huge front windscreen to the front of suzis concept pictures.

    Look at pillion seat, rear swing arm and such, exact same bike.

    what a douche stealing ideas because he is way way too retarded to come up with good ones himself.
  17. Just saw the OP and I'll tell you what I think.

    When I click the link from work the filter says "unacceptable content" and that, from what I've read here, sounds accurate !

    Motorbike with a roof - how damn stupid.

    Next we'll see things like heated grips, steroes, car phones, cruise controls, on board GPS etc...

    Oh,wait.. what ? Really?

    Seriously though if you want a roof get a car and leave bikes to the rest of us.
    If you want a bike with a roof, take Uncle Chopper's advice and HTFU !