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bike or car?? which would you choose

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by sez, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. so i have a dilema... im starting uni in march and i wont be able to work full time any more so my funds will be running out, i really need to save money for holidays and what not, but this means i don't think im going to be able to afford my bike and my car. so i have to choose which to sell.
    i really don't want to get rid of my bike but the car is just more practical. i can keep stuff in there, like my work boots, my chef knives, i can take passengers, um sleep in it during lecture breaks, keeps me dry in rain, and easier to see on the road then the bike.
    and the bike... doesn't cost as much in regards to rego, petrol, and insurance. lane split in traffic can cut a little time, its more fun but then again its harder to carry my knives, boots and books and uniforms.

    so what does everyone think i should do??

  2. The heart says bike stays every time.

    The head says the car MUST stay, for all the reasons you've outlined.

    Tough choice.
  3. holiday, car, bike, uni, you got a lot of expenses dude
    just be glad you don't have a girlfriend!

    buy a set of scales. if you do uni properly, it will pay for itself
  4. Then he can top the class too
  5. Think laterally. Forget the holidays... or maybe sell the car and get a cheaper car, with the cash surplus to cover running costs.

    I wouldn't go without a car personally.
  6. Yeah you can't go without a car.
  7. Keep the bike.

    Life with two wheels as a sole means of transport is not necessarily easy but it is possible and can be very satisfying.
  8. LOL

    she does :p

    keep the bike. pay a lil more for a rack and bag, u can fit alot of gear in a big back on the back, and a tankbag on the front. get some plastic overpants n overcoat, and your dry in even the heaviest downpours (assuming u have w/p gloves n boots too).

    its what i do, i love it. cars are boring, i dont want one lol. and i dont know how i'd cope without my bike. follow your heart :)
  9. :rofl:


    I'd sell the car.

  10. *lesbian high five!*
    replace dude with dudette in my original post
  11. yeah, i do have a girlfriend. so yeah money goes there as well.
    i really don't know what to do as i love both my car and bike. im guessing it will all come down to which will save me the most money. and yeah ive got a set of scales mate... hehe
    ah lesbian high five back. and dudette does nicely thanks loki.
    hrmm a little bit of thinking to do about this.
  12. If you want to save money most efficient, then selling the car is the only option. You might get inconvenienced/wet/frustrated in certain situations of not having a car, but 4L/100kms makes a HUGE difference if you have to travel much. And the convenience of getting to uni faster, with less walking, more directly, etc. is worth alot.
  13. $2k will buy a reliable, but ugly car, $4k will get a nice reliable bike. Holidays can be taken whenever.
    Get a nice bike, buy a cheap car, and take holidays on teh bike.
    /end thread. :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. a feme who rides a bike and carries a set of knives around....hot

    Its up to you. some people can go without a car. I personaly think i will always have a car aswell if i can afford it. My car is just all about practicality since i got my bike.
  15. yeah being a chef and all i need knives to work. i also have steel capped boots and checked pants. if that helps with the hotness.
    yeah i really want to keep both, i think im going to have to sell my car and buy a cheaper one.
  16. ...no...no it dosent. lol

    yeah that sounds like the best solution ^
  17. sez..i was going to say 'car' in the first place..for the chicks!
    ..i should always go with my first thoughts.

    and re: your holidays ..a tip from my dad-in-law...'do what ya want to do as soon as you can, cos before ya know it..ya looking after ya grand-kids'.
    holidays and adventure is a must. make holidays a prority.
  18. yeah i just mentioned holidays cuase i wanna go skiing and i don't know what else but yeah just wanna do stuff as well as save, holidays aren't everything but its just one of the things that i need to save for
  19. The car is the only sensible option.
  20. get rid of the girlfriend!