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Bike or Cage?!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jimmyz, Jun 21, 2010.

  1. Hi guys and girls, been a while since I last posted. Sorry if this topic has been covered before sometime in the past, I did try to find it with a search, unsuccessfully.

    So basically I've been off the bike for close to 3 or 4 months since selling my vtr250 after getting my full license. When I had my vtr250 I used to ride more than I'd drive in the car even though it was initially a 'toy'. A ride would wake me up in the mornings and get the blood pumping before I got to uni; all day I was waiting to get back on my bike and ride home. Simply commuting made part of my day stand out.

    Recently I've been getting the urge to ride on sunny days, boring weeknights, and when stuck in traffic. So I went down to the dealer to have a look around and fell in love with a street triple r - Lucky I now have 12 points... Just looking at it made me want to misbehave... a lot (obviously at the correct moments)

    My question is has anyone had to put up with only having a bike and limited access to a car? Are there any things should I consider besides the financial side of it? Carrying gear around with you all the time? Wearing leather in 40degree heat... I'd be able to use my bros car for shopping and sometimes on rainy days, otherwise I guess I can take public transport. I travel a fairly short distance and financially the bike would turn out to be about as expensive as the car in terms of maintainance, insurance, rego and depreciation etc.

  2. Jimmy, you'll be set on the bike mate. I bought a $75,000 convertible because it was the closest thing to a bike. It didn't change anything, I still ride my $6,000 bike 6 days a week and the convertible only gets used (ALWAYS roof down) 1 day a week (on Saturdays and only because I take my geriatric father out for a drive).
  3. I have never driven - had my bike 3.5 years and do all commuting and shopping etc with it - you'll be fine :)
  4. One of my friends who I ran into (not literally LOL) the other mentioned how she is finally getting her first car, almost 10 years after having a mbike only. It can be done, just as long as you don't have the requisites that 'make' you need a car, such as a child, health reasons. Also if you can get food into your house without a car, you should be set for not owning a car. :)
  5. I guess it depends on if you have many friends.

    If you do, just stick with the bike. Otherwise you'll end up driving everywhere, and the bike just lays idle... They have cars, make them drive you places when the bike isnt the best option!
  6. this has been done before but i cant find the link either
  7. I barely ever touch my car. 67km since November. I basically only plan to use it when summer rolls around again to get to the dropzone and things like that.
  8. walked into harvey norman today in full leathers and bought a 50" plasma as an impulse buy($950! bargin too i might add :p)

    he asked if id be taking it home with me, i lol'd :p

    apart from future tv purchases ill keep doing all the shopping on the bike
  9. If I didn't have to keep my car to cart around equipment for shoots I would have sold it and made do with just the bike.

    It'd save me a fair bit, and Id just work around the trickier limitations.
  10. ahhh your soft mate

  11. Its amazing how much gear you can carry on a bike with the right gear (rack, topbox, panniers, tankbag etc). Its amazing how little you can carry if you want the dedicated sportsbike look.
    I've carried home a complete gearbox/diff for my car on the back of my Ducati, across the pillion seat and the tops of the panniers! Apart from that you just need good wet weather gear.
    Having said that, I have to have a van for work and its just more convenient for shopping and in the wet. My wife and 9 year old are happy on the back of the bike, but if we're all going somewhere together it has to be her car.
  12. I have a car but over the last few months have done almost everything on my bike. I wanted to really improve my riding and can say that being on my bike all the time doing local errands has done that. Only problem is walking around everywhere with heavy boots and winter jacket on, used to carry my helmet under my arm too until I discovered that wonderful invention near the seat which locks the helmet safely on the bike!!!!! I have a backpack and two saddlebags and can carry just about everything with them. I now feel strange whenever I get behind the wheel of my car, just doesnt seem "right" any more.
  13. i've carried wooden coffee-tables, a cane chair PLUS a wooden coffee table at the same time, 3 weeks of food-shopping (you can freeze milk!), and lots lots more weird stuff. the only time i've needed a car is for moving house :) Other than that, I'm often in my mates car cause she's not the best pillion and I don't bother arguing as it's easier to talk etc.

    OHHH and there's one thing you may miss or may not... Macca's drive through :)

    Every time I walk into MickyD's, I'll order my meal incl a drink in all my bike gear, and then they'll ask me if I want to take away! Hahahaha
  14. Bike all the way. Before my moto it was my push bike which I rode everywhere rain, hail or shine. Admittedly it's much easier to get away with if you're single or at least don't have kids.

    The answer to the maccas drive through on a bike is a messenger bag like one of these from Chrome

    Spin it to the front, dump your maccas in and you're off. Everything but the drink that is.
  15. I drive the wifes car about half a dozen times a year. She taught me to drive, I had learned to ride at 16 and never drove a car until I was 24. Once there were kids on the rug I drove for about 15 years. Anyhoo I'm back on two wheels for nearly all my commuting and playtime. As you have heard it before, to do so is a lifestyle choice. That call to the road for a journey of no particular destination is what makes us bikers.
  16. ah yes... i do need to get a messenger bag... but i love the maccas thickshakes regardless lol.

    however, they do now have bottled water and juice... hmmm... intermeresting! ;)
  17. If you are in a position where bike will do, *almost* all the time, then there are lots options for the little exceptions that won't cost nearly as much as keepig a car in the garage. Rental, public transport, mate's ute, flexicar, taxi, get it delivered, etc.

    I only have a pushy and an mbike, i havent owned a car for years. So its do-able, unless you have kids or large dog. ( Actually I used to have a large dog, but she went in the k9 carrier tethered to the back of my pushie when necessary!)
  18. buy the street triple r

    actually.... sorry what was the question!!!
  19. I plan on keeping my car (need it for gigs and band practice), but its now vintage - 1989 pulsar which just keeps on going. Worth less than $1000 so its not insured. Pretty cheap to maintain. My bike is worth a lot more- see I've got my priorities right. So why not consider a really cheap car to augment the bike?