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Bike on SA lam list but not on VIC's list. What happens if?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mattyg, Nov 12, 2008.

  1. First of many what if questions

    What would happen if I take a trip to Victoria from South Australia on learner approved bike registered in SA but not on the approved list in Victoria ?
    Would I be riding a bike that is not covered by my learners permit or would I be OK because the bike is registered as Lams approved in SA?

  2. i believe you ride to YOUR licence restrictions. as you are on an SA licence, it would be ok.

    same as when i visited NSW. i was on my red Ps. if i was on a NSW licence i would be limited to 90km/h. but as i was on a Vic licence, i ride to my restrictions, none of which include a speed restriction.

    i believe you would be fine to do so, but i suggest you call your local police station, and your version of VicRoads. possibly also call VicRoads, and one of our police stations.

    not many on here can give you a LEGAL answer, they can jsut speculate, like me. find the right answer, not just what u wanna hear...
  3. Mate if you have an SA license/permit and the bike has SA reg you are ok.

    I live in a town with an Air Force base and before LAMS came in here, there were many bikes over 260cc with L's/P's from NSW and other states :)
  4. No problems at all - even if the bike is registered in Victoria - the LAMS condition is on you - you are allowed to ride the SA LAMS list.

    Out of interest, what's the bike?
  5. It's a Suzuki GSX650f U its sitting in the shop waiting for me to go get it and if I have to work overtime tomorrow :tantrum: . I've just checked the Vic roads site & it's on there list now they must be a little bit slow in up dating?
  6. How long can you hold your breath for?
    Just because it qualifies doesn't mean it will get on the list (in Vic) although with the amount of interest in this bike surely it will................one day
  7. I just a met a young lady the other day who had a similar situation. She is on a restricted license and is pootling around on a 400 that's on the Queensland LAMS list. She recently moved to Victoria and went to swap the reg. Because the bike's an import it's not on our list, and Victoads weren't going to ok it.
    She has been riding it for over eighteen months to date, and argued her point with the Victoads staff. Eventually they relented so she's in the clear now. Probably until a cop pulls her over and she has to jump through the hoop again.
    Sorry i don't know anymore details than that. When i heard the story it just sounded like someone wanted to use their 'NO' stamp.
  8. You are required to obey the law in the state that you are riding in. ie if it's not on the Vic list then you will be fined for riding it in Victoria. Just like you can be fined for displaying your states "P" plate when the state your riding in states you have to display another colour.
  9. I don't see how this could be the case. Yes you have to abide by the road rules of the state you are in but licensing and registration can't be applied that directly. Different states have different systems that aren't neccesarily interchangeable as such I think your licence restrictions should be based on you state of licence and a bikes LAMs status should be based on it's state or registration. So if an ACT learner wishes to ride their Harley Davidson Fatboy around the country they should be able to.

    A quick search of vicroads and rta websites shows nothing to confirm or deny this so I'll do some searching later, but think about it, if an interstate vehicles registration isn't taken as being valid to determine the type of vehicle it is then it can't be considered valid at all and you would not be able to ride or drive any vehicle with interstate rego without being charged with driving an unregistered vehicle.
  10. mate your right and wrong. you have to obey the relevant state road laws (which are mostly common commonwealth laws), but as for licensing laws, you obey your state's licence laws. thats why 17yr old NSW teens can drive in Melb and why bottlo attenants should check id of any P plater coming in.

    licencing laws and road laws are differant. If he was to permanently move to melb and have his licence changed over to a melb one (which you must do after a certain period of time), then he would have issues.
  11. But the law is around the licence conditions. Since your licence is not issued by Victoria but by your home jurisdiction then you must conform to this. You are quite OK to ride a LAMS approved FatBoy on your ACT P's interstate. (The ACT has no capacity limit).

    The law around displaying P plates refers to what holders of a probationary licence must do - not to the conditions pertaining to that licence. (And I'd like to see some advice on that anyway).
  12. [quote="2wheelsagain
    How long can you hold your breath for?
    Just because it qualifies doesn't mean it will get on the list (in Vic) although with the amount of interest in this bike surely it will................one day[/quote]

    43 seconds and the GSX650Fu is on the SA & Vic list,there is also one in my garage for the last 3 hours, I've just sat and had a beer with it and we're best of mates.
  13. hahaha sweet :grin:
    get riding :wink:
  14. Unless this has changed (probably has) learners where conditional to the state that you lived in.
    For instance a 16 year old S.A. learner was not able to drive in Victoria, when you had to be 18 to gain you learners permit here.

    Then again I could be wrong, there is a hell of a lot of sand in the bottom of the hour glass these days. :LOL: