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bike on its side

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by iolithblue, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. so i woke up this morning to go to work, and discovered the soft ground had given way and my bike was on its side. smells of petrol, so i stood it up. as i did, i noticed a trickle of coolant leak out the discharge tube.

    ive taken the ute to work, so the bike will stand upright all day.

    what do i need to check when i get home? any long term harm? why did it piddle coolant?
  2. carbs will likely be flooded, could have lost a lot of fuel from carb overflow. coolant loss would have been from overflow.
  3. thanks jonny. its injected, im pretty sure the leak was from tank main filler seal. any lasting damage?
  4. Superficial from the fuel (hopefully).
    Check the level of the coolant but hopefully, as Johnny said it's just from the overflow.
    Some bikes drain engine oil into the airbox and air filter when on their side. Check the oil level before you start it, and don't be overly alarmed of you get a lot of oil smoke on startup. May need to replace the filter.
  5. Get yourself a piece of wood, paver, squashed coke can and put it under your kickstand when you park on soft surfaces.
  6. I wouldn't worry too much about the slight coolant deposit, but as Titus said, check the level though. I once had a case where a bike had fallen on its side and when it was time to start it, it seemed locked solid. It was! Enough oil had made its way into the combustion chamber area, via the airbox, to stop the piston from moving during cranking, severe case as the bike was on its side for quite some time. In the unlikely event yours seems locked when you go to crank it, it would probably need the spark plugs removed then cranked over to get rid of the oil, be ready for a lot of smoke once you put them back in and start it though! Hopefully it'll be fine though, CB400, yes?

    If, in your travels,you're likely to encounter soft surfaces often, you could invest in one of these:
    stand foot.
    Hope your bike starts ok and all is well :)
  7. yep, cb400. thanks guys. ill be more careful next time where it gets parked.
  8. I always keep a crushed coke can in the storage compartment for this reason. Looks a bit odd when i park and pull it out of there!
  9. Had a similar experience with a smaller Honda... oil in the airbox and engine wouldn't turn over. Remove the plugs and either press the starter or roll it in gear to get rid of the excess oil.

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  10. Well it started fine, little puff of smoke. Seems unharmed from its nap.
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