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Bike Off - Kawasaki Ninja 650RL Vs Yamaha FZ6R

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pengo, Jan 5, 2011.

  1. 2011 Kawasaki Ninja 650RL

    Pro: Latest model bike - 2011 model.
    Con: Don't offer any special finance deal, so will pay a premium thru a higher interest rate.
    Market Price: 10K~

    2011 (?) Yamaha FZ6R

    Pro: Yamaha is offerig 6% finance
    Con: Might actually be 2010 model available from dealers.
    Market Price: 11K~

    Now time to do my research on the two, any pro/cons about these two bikes?

    Anyone got any links to some comparitive or straight-up reviews of either bikes?
  2. upgrading from a 250? Wait a bit and get a real 600!! Worth the wait.

    I've ridden my friend's 650RL a few times. Seating position of both bikes is very upright. I always tease my friend that it feels like you're riding a seahorse! You can take out the throttle pin which takes a few minutes and you have access to alot more power.
  3. Current bike has an issue that is too expensive to fix, so time to get rid of it and don't want to go to another 250.. So might as well go to one of these 650s. At least when it comes time to get my R's I'll be comfortable on a 600-650 bike for the test day :).

    If I really need the power that the non-lams bike offer I can always trade this in. Tho I'm perfectly happy on a 250 tbh and I'm sure this bike has way more grunt than the 250 I'm riding :)

    FYI the bike I'm riding now has an upright position, thus why I'm looking at these "sports tourers".
  4. The fz6r is dead easy to derestrict. Just need another bracket for the throttle.
  5. I have a 650RL and love it, low seat, torquey, handles nicely.
    I don't mind the upright position accept I find I get lots of wind off the fairing.
    It's really easy and no cost to de-restrict if you want.
  6. I have the Yamaha XJ6S which is mechanically the same as the FZ6R and can say that it is a blast to ride. Handles very well and has enough power.
  7. Based upon what has been discussed in a different thread, the FZ6R is no longer LAM's approved, despite the fact that the Yamaha site indicates it is.

    Neither the NSW or VIC websites that host the LAM's list contain that bike any more..
  8. As has previously been mentioned, the 650RL can be derestricted when you choose to do so at no cost and in under 5 minutes. There is no changes to the engine whatsoever, just a stop on the throttle assembly that restricts it to about quarter throttle and a bridge on the diagnostic port which retards the timing.
  9. hi there
    I have just upgraded to a 2011 Kawa 650RL. Very nice, great rideability and good grunt but I found out that to derestrict the bike one has to remove the throttle lock and also disconnect something in the electric circuitry? Any ideas.
    Also, looking to change the stock exhaust to a slip on, there is an O2 sensor on the stock exhaust very close to the can unlike the older models which means the bike would have to be retuned/ which is becoming a very complex venture.
    I would appreciate advice on this as i am something of a novice with bike maintenance :)