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Bike of the Year 2015 - UK

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by davidk, Dec 9, 2015.

  1. Hi all...from the Daily Telegraph in the UK, the motorbikes voted the best in 2015...well worth a look! (y)

    Bike of the Year 2015

  2. So sweet. :joyful: I'd like one for the lounge room.:)
  3. A British list that DIDN'T name a Triumph as Bike of the Year??? Whoda thunk it?
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  4. some very nice bikes
  5. Street triple got best naked
  6. Yes but the Ducati won THE bike of the year...
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  7. R1? Seriously? No sports tourer class? What is wrong with those people?

    On the other side of the coin why do we not have the CBR125F here in Oz? That is a sexy looking little bike.
  8. Have anyone released a new sports tourer this year?
  9. lol triumph is best naked... lol not :)
  10. Don't think so, there were some updates though *sigh* what is the world coming to? I bought a brand new sports tourer this year, so there is a market even if it's just me LOL
  11. Getting a bit tired eh?

    Not that they are not a fantastic bike - but yeah, there are many, many "better" naked bikes out there....

    Hmmmm......Street Triple or Tuono? or Super Duke? or MT-09? or Monster? or, or, or......C'mon.......
  12. Go the mighty ducs!
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  13. Quack quack....

    I'd have one of these in a heartbeat.....
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  14. If only mine was that big... She is black though!
  15. I'd probably class the R1200RS as a sports tourer. Possibly announced last year but not available till this year.
  16. Ducats scrambler, bike of the year, as voted by a bunch of hipsters.
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  17. Maybe, but can you argue against it? Remember it has to be a bike released in 2015, so the list is pretty small. And the scrambler really is a sales boom for Ducati, so it's a popular vote.
  18. I guess it depends on how you determine "best".
    If best is highest selling/effective marketing, well I guess it wins. Best burger would go to the big mac?
    A scrambler which isn't even good at being a scrambler. But it does look good and it does have heaps of accessories? Maybe that's all that matters?
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  19. The Scrambler has that 1970's look that appeals to people of my vintage (y)
  20. I'm a triple r owner & absolutely love my bike, to me it's a perfect naked bike for the city, but I'm surprised the S1000R didn't take that award.