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Bike of the Year - 2014

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Mouth, Dec 6, 2014.

  1. BMW S1000R

  2. Ducati Diavel 1198

  3. Ducati Panigale 899

  4. Kawasaki Z800

  5. Kawasaki Z1000

  6. Suzuki VStrom 650 (LAMS)

  7. Yamaha MT-07 (LAMS)

  8. Yamaha MT-09

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  1. What do you think is bike of the year for 2014 after weighing up value for money, performance, and features. I'm thinking that the MT-07 would have to at the top, along with the S1000R, Diavel, Z800, and 899 Panagale for the top 5. Super Duke 1290 with an honourable mention for being a wheelie demon.

    What's your picks?

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    The value for money bit throws a spanner in the works but:
    For Lams the V-Strom650
    Ninja 1000
    MT- 09
    Panigali 899
  3. Haven't ridden any of them.
  4. Is the American name for the MT09

    I bought one and I'm very happy with it.
  5. yeah slip of the pen so to speak. I hear they are a great bike and at around $11k pretty good buying.
  6. Yeap no complaints here. Before buying I was a bit worried about the range with a 14L tank, but I've gotten over 250km on a fill from normal riding, turns out my MT09 can go further on 14L than my previous FZ1 could on 18L
  7. Yeah, I'm quite surprised at the MT-09's fuel efficiency for a bike that packs so much punch. As a commuter if you rode it in the "eco" range as indicated on the dash you get about 3.5L/100km and 300km to reserve 250km is easily achieved, I've found a bit over 200km is realistic for my riding.

    I reckon the MT-09 would have to rank on the list, value for money, a fun versatile bike, first built from the ground up bike from Yamaha in a long time and a very big seller.
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  8. Amcn reckon the s1000r and i would have to agree. What you get for your dollars is mighty impressive.
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    The mt09
  10. Ah, yes it is

    That would be the FJ09.
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  11. Overall and Without being biased I think the a s1000r.
  12. Street Triple R
  13. Z1000
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  14. You're biased!!!
  15. That'll be disappointing for my mate who has got one pre-ordered.
  16. Saw this at the Melbourne Expo. Looks reasonably good.

    But when the question asked about suspension was answered: "The same as the MT" my eyebrows raised a little......

    Really? It is Sport Touring bike designed for long hauls and heavier loads and it still dangerously soft? C'mon.......
  17. I'd vote for the S1000R
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  18. S1000R, in the context of BMW yet again walking into a super-competitive class and owning it with their first effort.

    The Yammy MT twins are worthy contenders too.