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Bike of the year 2012

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Vertical C, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. Something else (post yours)

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  2. Crf250l

  3. Nc700

  4. 636

  5. Street R

  6. Tuono

  7. Explorer

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  8. Sertao

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  9. K1600gt

  10. Switchback

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  1. So what is your choice for bike of the year, based on what you have read or which you think is the prettiest or whatever you feel like.

    I hope these are all 2012 bkes.

    Honda CRF250L Real world 250 for cheap off roading.

    Honda NC700X will maybe get some argument with this but I think it is an interesting bike.

    Kawasaki 636 return of those 37cc ;) i choose this but I am biased, though the Hondas are very interesing

    Triumph Street Triple R, I am not a fan but I am not that biased to leave it out.

    Aprillia Tuono V4, gorgeous for a naked and that engine sound...

    Triumph Tiger Explorer, not a bad looking chookie really.

    BMW Sertao, well priced Beemer dual sport.

    BMW k1600gt cruise missile barge.

    Harley Davidson Switchback, nice Dyna with removable bags and screen

    So what are your thoughts?
  2. I vote 636 cause it's great to see the 600 class bikes getting gadgetry....the supersport size bikes are AWESOME for the road and have been neglected by everyone but triumph of late...

    pretty sure the Tuono was released in 2011....

    what about the husqi nuda 900?
  3. NC700 - for breaking ranks with convention.
  4. I'm going for the Tiger.
    Love the way it looks, and what the fellows in the Ikon video do with them.
  5. Don't go much on the options but of those I'd go the BMW K1600GT for its sheer engineering awesomeness, the fact it shows BMW's automotive and aeronautical heritage (straight 6 engine) and the fact that it is apparently a good tourer... and better sportsbike!

    I'd also vote for the BMW S1000RR if its still an option. I know they revised it with new traction mapping and suspension and engine tuning so perhaps its eligible. Economy, comfort (for a sportsbike), good looks and really good value for money. Plus its a goddamn legitimate 192rwhp registerable bike. Have always hated the 'fantasy gap' between stated and dynoed hp figures... take that Kawasaki.

    - boingk
  6. I'd go the 16 as well just disappointed they didn't pull 200 or more HP out of it. A power tourer would be insane.

    While the kawa may not be a legitimate 200hp, it's properly bloody fast. VC was posting drag vids when it was new, leaving Hayabusa's for dead.
  7. You need to put 1199 in there....
  8. nightrod special.
  9. Anything I am riding at the time is my favourite bike
  10. Yeah but its got 170Nm of torque... from 2000rpm! If thats not gonna haul some ass then I don't know what will!

    I know anything nowdays by the big manufacturers is stupidly fast... but am sick of them lying through their teeth at us. Kawasaki and Ducati seem to be particularly optimistic about certain things;

    "Oh it weighs 167kg... without fuel, oil, hydraulics, battery & tyres. And it has 200hp... on a factory testbed, once, measured at the crank, with a custom engine map, factory exhaust and air filter, no water pump or altenator, with combined ram air effect over 130km/h."

    BMW seems to have been playing it cool for a long time and I'm glad they got into the Superbike game. I've always thought that they were so good at everything else, why not get into the game? Finally they did;

    "Ziss bike, it is zee S1000RR. It vill haff one hundred ninety two pee ess and veigh two hundred seven kilograms."

    And... you put it on a scale and then a dyno and those are the figures you get! WOW!!! Suddenly everyone was playing catchup, and still is.

    - boingk
  11. I've just purchased my third BMW K bike, a K1600GT. Learned years ago that the Krauts don't have a sense of humour. If they say it works, it works. If they make a claim, it's right. My BMW Mini is one of the only cars I've ever driven that actually matches the claimed fuel economy in normal driving. My bikes are the same. They aren't perfect by a long shot. They have faults, but they do everything they brochure says.
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  12. Yeah I probably should have put that in there. That is an excellent bike and the chassis is very interesting.

    Maybe the MV Agusta F3 as well.

    The EBR is not a road bike so....
  13. F3? Pure eye-sex and apparently a hoot to ride.

    - boingk
  14. And does 0-100 in 3 seconds, with launch assist and on a rolling road so no pesky wheelie interference.
  15. With Ducati being the biggest scammers of them all. The Panigale is marketed at a blatantly misleading 195 hp, but when tested by independent reviewers it was more like 155hp at the wheel. The S1K on the other hand was tested at 178hp at the wheel against their claimed 192hp (which perfectly makes sense) by the same people.
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    And so 200hp shouldn't be hard to achieve at all.

    I thought manufacturers threatened to stop giving press bikes to magazines that put the bikes on scales and published wet weights. Would have thought they would do the same with power figures.
  17. Don't know there's a review on youtube comparing S1K against the Panigale.
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    If thats the Californians, Japanese, or almost anywhere in Western Europe then they rarely get the same models as we do due to either very strict noise and emissions laws or a flat-out power cap. The French did/do have a 100hp cap, for example, and I believe the same is true of the Japanese.

    I believe Australian magazines testing Australian delivered bikes in Australia. Those are the bikes we'll be seeing, drooling over, buying & riding. My quotes are coming from AMCN Superbike tests, incidentally the then new ZX10 got 176rwhp when it was claiming 200. I think the Yamaha R1 got 153rwhp and the Honda somewhere north of that. The Augusta had high 160's and the BMW and Kawa sat atop the field.

    Cheers - boingk

    Re-edit... nope didn't find it.