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Bike of the Year 2011

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Vertical C, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. So which bike do you think should win bike of the year and why? Of course if you haven't ridden them you can just go by looks or the spec sheets or brand loyalty.

    I hope that I have all the major new ones, I kept it to road bikes. I hope they are all 2011, if not whatever....

    I am voting for the Dorsoduro because of the looks and stomping engine.

    Ok my poll didn't work so here is the choices
    Tuona V4
    Harley 48
    Dorsoduro 1200
    Tiger 800xc
  2. ZX10R - 2011 model. Chassis is all that, engine is like a really fast 600 - all top end, electronics and traction control are the sh1t. Even ham-fisted old plonkers like me can wick them up and slide them out - computers take care of the details. It is OBSCENE that anything this fast should be this easy to ride.
  3. W800, but I'm too tired right now to defend my pick.
  4. I'd probably say the K1600GT just for how awesome it would be at doing it's job, it has everything you'd want or need ona long distance haul.
    The Diavel also seems to be the iPad of Power Cruisers, there were ones before it but it has set the mold and made them cool.
  5. My choice is expensive and probably why I'll never have one but I'm voting for it as it's one versatile machine and loaded with the type of useful technology that years to come will become standard in cheaper bikes..

    Ducati Multistrada...
  6. Ah how did I forget the MS.
  7. Streetfighter S
    H-D Forty Eight
  8. ducati multistrada.

  9. if only for the gob-smacked reaction of the English motorcycle scribes, the Ducati Diavel.....
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  10. ZX10R, first jap brand giving the euro counterpart equivalent a run for the money.

    Chasis, drivetrain, engine and electronics is all that!
  11. It's not the bike for me (regretably), but I'll go RSV4R. Factory APRC.
  12. ducati multistrada
  13. Needs to be introduced this year to win BOTY.
  14. ok, then I vote for the 2012 Kymco Sento.
  15. Really tough call. The K1600gt looks amazing for what it does, the Diavel is something new (and by all reports superbly effective), the Tuona V4 is kind of the epitome of practical performance, and the Multistrada is just all-round impressive.
  16. Multistrada or the harley 48
  17. That rules out Multistrada (2010) and streetfighter s (2009) mentioned earlier
  18. I would go the multi for the electronic suspension. I have ECDF in my car and love it. I can fine tune it on the run or hit one of my presets.
    For mine it would be fantastic on a bike....if it worked.
    But it's out.... so bugger off wog bike and conichiwa ZX10.
    For what it is and for where it came from.
    The 05 ZX was a beast and a hoot to ride. The ZX from 07 onwards was great on the road but gay at the track.
    It feels like a small 600. It's so light and so well balanced. It's so chuckable.
    but I think I would still buy the blade. I will take knife edge handling over a stable of horses any day
  19. For me, a tie between the Diavel and the ZX10.