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Bike of my dreams: K1300R

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by saba, Feb 24, 2010.

  1. Well, used to be K1200R, but then it was updated. Just a small step up from a 250: placed a deposit on a brand new BMW K1300R, orange, optioned with ABS, traction control and quickshifter. Heated grips, LED lights, onboard computer, sports wheels and larger windscreen as standard.

    Will post pictures when it arrives in 8-10 weeks. Argh!
  2. noice.... thats a step up and a half, not just in power but in money! i hope you still have 1 kidney left
  3. waiting list has to frustrate!

    i like the look of these and the technology on them is impressive as well. enjoy mate!
  4. I had to do an image search on the K1300R to find out that it's, well, different. My reaction to the styling reminds me of that experienced when looking at Buells; Not for me but I can't help looking and looking and looking some more. In the end I see something, character maybe, and that really appeals.
    Revel in the difference! Congrats on everything about it.
  5. K1300R sure is a bike and a half. Hope you have enough tenacity & courage to keep the 127kw on 2 wheels facing up at all times.
  6. Good stuff. Why mess around with intermediate bikes when you can go to the bike of your dreams? Live the dream.
  7. Congrats - I'm told that they are lovely to ride and (relatively) easy to ride sensibly (if you have to :))
  8. Genius design that constant throttle through the gears!
  9. Definately, until you twist the throttle in anger. I rode it for a while up in the Alps mid-last-year. A dream.

  10. Picked it up today. Lovely day for it. Zippy!

  11. Wow that's awesome!
  12. geeee that was a long wait, i would of lost it by now, congrats mate
  13. +1 on all accounts
  14. That was pretty impressive on behalf of the dealer. They said 8-10 and you got it in 12 weeks.
  15. A week of that was waiting on my bank to finish transferring things to the correct account.

    But yeah, it's a blast, but I think a midsize bike is more fun.
  16. You don't like it? I'll take it :D

    Umm... Is there a fuel reading on it or no?? Just a fuel light?
  17. achtung, baby!
  18. These things are my dream bike, couldn't justify the $$$ just yet so went with a Suzuki B-King.

    Which options did you tick on this? Tell me you got the adjustable suspension! I played with that at the bike show, jesus, what a fantastic bike.
  19. congratulations!
  20. Gauge, distance to empty, fuel low warning light.

    It's an SE model ticked only with ABS and traction control. The SE comes with the touring-oriented windshield, sports wheels (190 section rear and different rims) and onboard computer. LED lights and heated grips are standard.

    I did not want the electronic suspension. I know I'd never be happy with a particular setting (I rode one last year for a week through the alps, I was swapping all the time, ended up staying on comfort though).

    Also means I can upgrade to Ohlins/Wilbur/WP a bit further down the track. ;)