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Bike of choice for short girl?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by code_black, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Just wanna ask for some opinion. I want to get a Honda grom (MSX125). I'm 5 ft tall and new to riding. Is this bike a wise choice? Otherwise what bike do you suggest? Thanks :)

  2. dont really know
    go sit on one
    they look like fun
  3. G'day code_blackcode_black. The Honda Grom is a cool little bike isn't it. And being a Honda, like other Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, it will be reliable with proper maintenance and economical.

    The best way to know if the Grom suits your height is to visit a dealer and sit on one, see if you can 'flat-foot' it and whether it is a comfortable fit for you overall. Visiting a number of dealerships and sitting on as many motorcycles as possible is the most reliable way to find a bike that fits best.

    The limitation with bikes such as the Grom is that while it will be ideal for riding around urban areas, it might be out of its depth (read: too slow) on anything like a highway or freeway.
  4. Vtr250
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  5. welcome aboard :) try an EL Eliminator
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  6. The best bike for a new rider is one that you will want to ride. Were do you want the bike too take you? A Grom would be perfect for you if it's just to go to uni on 60km/h suburban streets, a Honda VTR250 will be better for higher speed limit roads and road trips.

    Consider the cost of gear in the motorcycle purchase as well.
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  7. Another option would be a Honda cbr 250rr. I'm 5 foot 1 and can 'flat foot' it fine.
  8. Girl at work is 5.1 and she rides a ninja 250. Suits her very well.
  9. Cb400 has pretty low seat height too... Don't need to restrict yourself to 125's just cause you're little
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  10. I scrape in at just a pube under 5'1" and shrinking every year (let's hear it for ageing...yay!!)
    The ninjas are a great bike but will likely require lowering- I had to get my ninj 300 lowered and the Z1000 was lowered as far as humanly possible and still a smidgen high but now manageable. Most of the small engine Hondas seem to be way shorter so go try a few of those.
    But really as most people have already replied you have to get something you want to ride and be prepared to get it lowered if need be.
    I thought the ninj 300 was the ant's pants and we had a lot of fun together but it had to be signicantly lowered for me.
    You just have to go sit on lots of them (says she who saw the ninj first and just went yep I'll take it, wrap it up)
    Remember that the bike sit width will also play into the height issue. My Z1000 seat needs trimming as way wider than the ninj.
  11. I just read the headline and literally came in to post "Honda Grom" as a joke, and then I read your actual post. Saw one of these on the road just today, looks like it'd be an absolute hoot if you're doing nothing but urban riding.

    If you want something with a bit more legs, as Steve VtecSteve Vtec said the CB400 seat height is only a few millimetres taller than the Grom. Great bike overall, could even be a keeper when you're off your plates.
  12. I kept mine when off plates. Got a bigger bike but the CB is so great, can't bring myself to sell it :-S

    I might hook my brother up with a sweet learner bike if he ever gets his licence but until then, it's staying in my stable for sure.

    I've ridden it all day and it gets a bit tiring, but if that's something you'll complain about then get in a car...

    It's a fantastic, reliable, pokey and great looking naked learner bike. Just do yourself a favour and sit on one. Then buy it. Then fall in love with vtec. Then keep it. Then get another bike and ride that one more. Then put the new bike at the mechanic and get back on the CB. Then fall in love again.
  13. YZF-R15? Quite low seat. Perfect learners bike. Plenty zippy enough up to 80kmh plus commuting. Will do 120 on a flat freeway, but not up a hill.
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    Al_CamAl_Cam Im going to have to disagree with the R-15 sugestion . I had the R-15 as my first bike and im 5'3 ..there was no way in hell my feet could touch the ground. I had to lower the bike by 6.5 cm ( lowering link and shaved the seat down ) and i was still ( very very ) tippy toe'ing. From memory the original height of seat height is 800mm.

    OP - there are plenty of bikes around that us shorties can make work but again it depends on your budget and what type you are after. I currently have the Z300 which also has been lowered with lowering link but the original seat height was 785mm. I can't flat foot but i do ride comfortably on it . I recommend to sit on all bikes and do consider the possibility of adjusting the height using lowering link.
  15. Seat was 790mm on the 2011 model (near enough to 800) I'm 5'7" & can flat foot. I trust you when you say 5'3" can't do it. Surprised after dropping by 6.5cm but believe you. Well I guess handing it on to my better half is out, she's 5'3". Back in the 70's you could get shoes with 4" soles, they were good for fashion (maybe), but not walking, or I guess riding. In the 80's I used to sell stiletto's with a 4" to 6" heel...
  16. Al_CamAl_Cam Lucky you :) ive given up on the thought of flat footing haha ! Sadly i wasn't blessed with long legs so your better half might be luckier than me despite being the same height :p
  17. The Short Person's Guide to Motorcycle Riding
  18. I'd go a VTR250 as well. I love my CB400 but it's 200kg. You'd want to make sure you're comfortable with the weight for when it comes to parking it and wheeling it around.
  19. I'm 5'0" with short inseam as well. VTR250 was fine for me. Nice and light too which can be important. A marvellous bike for a learner. I have just upgraded to an MT-07, had to lower that 2" but it is just as manageable as the 250 now. And only 20kg heavier which was one of the selling points. I don't flat foot either of them, so a lighter weight is safer. Could not imagine trying to push over 200kg around. Be careful if you intend to go on highway, a bit of power is a must, VTR not too bad, will hold highway speeds fine, just gets caught out a bit on hills, but using gear box will help with that. I would not recommend anything smaller than 250 if you are out on highways.