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Bike obsession

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mayhem, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. Ok , So for months now i have been thinking about getting my licence and have now booked my course (ST Ives 30th August, maybe i will see you there) but the thing is this,

    i can't stop thinking about bikes! Bike gear, cycle this, motor that. My constant waking moments are filled with thoughts on which bike to buy, where will i ride to etc etc and my night time dreams are now filled with engines revving, and occasionally scantily clad women on bikes revving.
    There is no danger of me taking out a motorcyclist as in traffic i have developed a sixth sense as to when a bike might be coming within a kilometre so as not to miss out on checking out what type it is.
    My girlfriend often looks at me when i am deep in thought lately and inquires as to what's passing through my head, and, at these times, i remember a passage from a book i read recently by Nick Hornby a self confessed Soccer(football) fanatic which goes

    "at this point i lie. I wasn't thinking about Martin Amis or Gerard Depardieu or the Labour Party at all. But then,obsessives have no choice;
    they have to lie on occasions like this. If we told the truth every time, then we would be unable to maintain relationships with anyone from the real world."

    And lately it is exactly that.
    If i admit that i am thinking about bikes yet again then my friends/ girlfriend simply dont bother trying to communicate with me as they know that unless they want to talk about something bike related they will not be able to gain my attention for more than 10seconds.

    My question is this netriders, Does it ever change?
    Will i ever manage a conversation on another topic apart from bikes ever again?

    Just interested in your thoughts on this. Have a good weekend and can't wait to get amongst it.

  2. Everyone is different. I was the same when I was at the stage you are currently at (did my course in Nov 06) and I haven't really chanOH WOW hold on I found some really cool things I want to buy for my bike
  3. :LOL: Exactly, when you're not riding them, you're thinking about riding them.

    Obsession is a bit of a harsh word, though, (unless your G/F is complaining because you're planning on taking the bike to bed :LOL:).
  4. haha! Good post!

    You will be stuck on this for a while. After you get the licence it will be what bike to get, then what mods to do, trackdays, its endless! Enjoy.

    What you need to do is get the girlfriend into riding, then you will have something to talk about...

    On the day you have your Ls course I am doing a track day at Eastern Creek, I'll be thinking of you, hope to see you out there some day!
  5. well, actually, have not enough funds in the budget for a bike and a new bed big enough for all of us so i guess it will have to remain outside. :grin:

    (the bike that is)
  6. your obsession is obviously causing you to neglect your woman.
    you need to pass her onto someone who can spare two and a half minutes a day to pay her theyre undevided attention when they arent fantasizing about motorcycles.
    and that person would be me...

  7. [​IMG]
  8. happy to see your getting some action in bed there Vladd :LOL:
  9. I was getting worried that I was becoming obsessed but then I realised I'm not really worried, my wife is worried, I'm just loving being on the bike so what's the harm??? Enjoy it!! :grin: :grin: :grin:
  10. Sounds like me - obsess away!

    (BTW, its not just bikes - its surfing, canyoning, cycling, powerboats, ... hmmm maybe a character flaw???)

    Seriously though - don't worry if you're a bit obsessive. Most people need a bit of obsession to get the focus to make things happen

    Well, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it
  11. Could be worse. you could be obsessed with taking photies of Trains.
  12. BOY ! am I glad I ain't the only one who has this affliction :p

    :LOL: @ vladpp
  13. whats wrong with that :shock:
  14. What else is there to think of?!?!?! :shock:
  15. I dont have a bike, dont have my learners and havnt booked the course yet and i still dream of bikes.
    Soon my dreams will become reality :cool:
  16. I'm in exactly the same place.

    I've been wanting to get a bike for 2 years almost, but being 19, I have better, more exciting things to do, than to save money.

    Now i've got my act together and are booked in to St Ives on the 23/24th of August, and got a new job which pays well. So it's bike time soon.

    I also can't stop thinking about everything assosciated with motorbikes, it's great :grin:
  17. It doesn't change, it gets worse. As you go along you learn more about bikes so there is more to think about.

    On the up side it's cheaper for me to obsess over bikes than it was over cars.
  18. You're not really going to get a valid answer on a forum dedicated to all things motorbike. :wink: The real answer is that it will go up and down throughout your riding career (assuming you have one) but it will always be with you. Right now you've got the burning enthusiasm of someone without a bike. I'd stockpile that if I were you and it'll help you get through your first big "off" (use the search engine for opinions on whether it's guaranteed to happen or not), also save some enthusiasm for those days when $15 Target thermal long johns under jeans under overpants aren't enough to stop your bollox freezing to the tank.

    To borrow Screwball’s phrase from an iPod thread: “Woah... that's like... necroposting to the maxxxtreme!â€
  19. Mayhem,

    Let the passion burn!

    I've been a licensed motorcyclist for about 4 - 5 years now and I'm sitting here reading your post with a wry grin on my face as I can empathise completely with what you're thinking/feeling.

    In my opinion, the passion never wanes - you do eventually learn to distract yourself with other activities, but it will always be lurking in the back of your mind. You also learn to control it and use it as a motivational tool i.e It allows you to cope with the mundaneness of work knowing that this weekend you'll be soaring along your favourite stretch of road at one with your beloved motorcycle.

    Other posters are right - you do tend to go through stages. At first you'll be obsessing about getting your licence, then what bike to buy, followed by what gear and then eventually you'll be obsessing about how you can improve your skills and become a better rider.

    All in all, welcome to the brethren my friend and enjoy the ride - an incredible and rewarding journey awaits you.....

    "Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul...."
  20. Ha, Hah, Mayhem, you've been bitten by the bike bug, there is no cure!.
    Once the excitement of getting your license ends, the excitement of which bike to buy kicks in, then where do I ride to next, then I need a bigger bike, wow, look at that bike, can't wait till I'm off restrictions and the excitement goes on. There will be days/nights when u are riding when u are cold, wet, lonely, homesick, p@#$%^off, u just want to get off the bloody thing, your thoughts turn to swapping your muched loved steed for 4 wheels, anything, as long as your warm, dry and comfortable. But, when u make it to your destination and climb into a warm dry bed, u think, wow, I made it, what did I learn from that, a little character building, can't wait till tomorrow, sun will be out, endless twisties ahead, awsome.
    A whole new life awaits u, put ur girlfriend on notice, if she doesn't want to come for the ride, a simple bye will do! :LOL:

    Tex & Bundy