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bike obsession poll

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by loki, May 11, 2007.

  1. phone ringtone?

  2. phone wallpaper?

    0 vote(s)
  3. computer wallpaper?

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  4. computer screensaver?

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  1. god, i can't be the only one

    my ringtone is my throttle note. my phone wallpaper is my bike at the Bundeena ferry wharf. my laptop wallpaper features my bike, and i have the rs125 screensaver from the aprilia site. the last two were from my pre-bike days, when i was still pining for my bike on the import waiting list, while the first two are from glee from finally getting my dream ride.

    who else has lusted over their bike to this point?

  2. Well my ring tone is the theme from the 80's sitcom "Perfect Stangers", and up until recently my computer wallpaper was that photo of a stormtrooper pulling a mono. My screensaver however is a collection of photos from all the group rides I've been on...
  3. ur a bit nuts dude
    none of the above. Got a motorbike wallpaper but its not my bike
  4. you sir, may be alone... please seek professional help :)

    my bike is banished to the garage!
  5. I do use my own photos as computer wallpapers, although photos of my car tend to feature more often than pics of my bike.
  6. me thinks u need some lube and a night alone in ur garage
  7. Another crap poll where there isn't a none of the above or other option.
    ffs if you guys are gonna make polls put some thought into them!
  8. add your thoughtful 2pence here.

  9. Phone and PDA Wallpapers are of the bikes i would like (Daytona 675 & Aprilia RSV 1000) Wallpaper on the computers changes but usually are the same bikes. (or pics from http://www.digitalblasphemy.com)

    My Ringotne is the Bells from Dreams, and my SMS recieved is R2D2 beeping.

    Yes I am a Geek!
  10. i actually agree with you on this :shock:
  11. My ringtone is Billy Connolly shouting "SHUT THE FCUK UP!!!..."
  12. Message ring tone is of a Firestorm with staintunes. But thats as far as the obsession goes. Oh, apart from riding my bike everyday.
  13. I've got a Desmosedici RR on my computer desktop. Unfortunately I don't have one in my garage ...
  14. My wallpaper is generally a bike photo I've taken myself - it changes occasionally.

    Current one is an MV Agusta Brutale shot I took at the bike show a couple of years ago.
    this photo

    My screen saver is other photos I've taken (mostly travel shots) - again it varies.
    I've also got one which is a collection of bike models I've owned over the years (not all my photos though)
  15. it won't let me add them. woulda coulda shoulda sorry
  16. castrol tts is the only lube i need, smartass
  17. already too far gone :)
  18. I have my bikes on the wall of my cubicle where my co-workers have pictures of girlfriends/wives/kids. :grin:

    I also have my sv on my phone wallpaper/screensaver.
  19. I voted other