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bike not turning over (help~) electrical?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by cosi, Jan 25, 2006.

  1. hey guys once again i'm back for some help

    any help would be much appreciated, i'm mechanic for the day since i have nothing else better to do, (well i was going to go riding...)

    while i was riding the other day going about 70 the bike stopped for about 2 seconds and then continued running as if the petrol ran out or back fired or something similar, didn't take any notice of it and i don't know if its got anything to do with this but here goes

    when i push the ignition switch the junction box taps and so does the starter relay but nothing fires? is that a fuse or something worse?

    i charged the battery overnight and still nothing.

    i've pulled it apart, managed to dowse myself with fuel from having the wrong tap position on :( anyway they are the only two things making noise when i flick the ignition.

    ?????????? possible causes?

    would like to get this done asap because today is an awsome day thanks for any quick replies!
  2. Definately check your fusebox first, make sure the metal strip part of each fuse is still intact. If one's burnt out then it suggests somethings shorted out somewhere, possibly just wiring coming into contact with the metalwork somehow (ie insulation damaged). If all fuses are intact then it's possible an electrical connection has come loose somewhere. Of course it's also possible that the starter motor just might be fried but always best to check the simple things first.
  3. Have you tried push starting it? If the starter motor's stuffed it'll still fire up for you. :)
  4. yeah, forgot to mention that it does push start, i had to do it at the petrol station after i filled up.

    looked like an idiot rolling it around the joint :)

    how much are new starter motors :l
  5. its not the fuses :(
  6. how old is the battery ??
  7. If you have a multimeter check the voltage at the starter motor - if powers getting there but nothing's happening then it's stuffed, otherwise the problem lies elsewhere.
  8. battery is only a few months old ill check the voltage when i get home thx jd
  9. I get this on my bike some times.

    What it is, is that one of the terminals to the battery doesn't have a good connection. It may be the one to the starter relay, but it's more likely the positive on the battery. This is due to corrosion.

    What is happening is there is enough of a connection to run low amp things like dashboard lights and the primary on the relay. This is the noise you can hear when you try to start it.

    There isn't, however a good enough connection to cope with the high drain that is needed for the starter motor, through the secondary of the relay.

    clean up the terminals and put some aluminium foil between the connector and the terminal, if that is still not enough. Should do the trick
  10. Check your battery Terminals
    Exactly the same thing happened to my old 250.
    I changed the battery but didn't tighten fully the negative terminal.
    As it aorked its way loose I was getting voltage leakage and as a result the bike seemed like it had a flat battery.
    As soon as I had a look and felt the neg terminal was loose I tightened it up.
    Problem solved.
  11. Yep, terminals, almost certainly.

    Unscrew both the cables, remove the battery from the bike, and douse the terminals with boiling water. Scrape any remaining gunk from them with a pen-knife, and then clean the cable connectors as well before re-connecting. Once the bike has started, run the motor at around 2,500 - 3,000 revs for a few minutes to replenish the charge the battery has been losing.....
  12. i filed down the bike terminals but i havn't tried cleaning the battery terminals yet, battery is on charge i'l try it tomorrow after work.

    thx 4 advice!
  13. well charged both old and new batteries over night and still no clicking over so i roll started it and took it for a run.

    just gonna take it to pete i think.


    ( i did try to get to the starter motor but the manual wasn't very helpful in allowing me to locate it. )