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Bike not to my taste but....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by evelknievel75, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. I can appreciate the work that went into it....and yes, it's a show bike so it's meant to look blinged out...
    from the Deus Sydney store...


    your thoughts?
  2. Should have a sign...'You touch it, you clean it!'

    Not my style either but you can appreciate the time taken to polish all those bits.
  3. That's the bike they were trying to flog for 40k a little while back
  4. i went to the Deus - festival of the V-Twin whilst I was up in Sydney on holiday and some of the bikes look simply fantastic. But what made the day were some of the bikes people turned up on !
    I am not sure if the gold really suits this one.
  5. no surprise but defo one of my fav bikes style wise and I like what's been done to it...

  6. whoa ok that made me just not like it.
  7. sorry, last picture actually is the sale tag on the bike. zooming in it says,
    "Buell XB(S '03 Ringa Ding Bling
    This ground up rebuild inc $25K of aircraft grade nickel plating via Electromould, Fall Perfomrance exhaust and VCU upgrade. This beastie was the showpiece for Buell/HD promotion from '03 to the sad and controversial end of Buell Motorcycles. Price $33.5K

    Buy this bike because Buell are the best, all you other bike riders just don't know what's good for you"

    ok, it says all that except the last line......lol
  8. eeewww. way too much chrome for my taste. like trying to turn a buell back into a harley
  9. Interesting because I saw it on ebay a few weeks ago at $28K


    I like my Buells, had a XB12X but $28K is too much still, though ebay says it sold
  10. Almost never a fan of gold in bikes, although the few touches on the graphite Striple Rs looks great. This is way OTT for my taste.

    25 grand for nickel plating = 5 of my bike. ;-p
  11. just because it's a Buell doesn't mean they have to go back to its Harley roots and diarrhea spray chrome all over it :|
  12. I'm sure goldmember would like it
  13. If i had a few extra thou hanging around, i could see no reason not to blow it on that :D

    It's pretty cool, if highly vulgar.

  14. Ghey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  17. Eh!?. You can by a Ducati 1198 for around that price. And while i'm not a real Ducati fan, it has a strong pedigree, and it's hard to fault the abilty and quality of the Duke...AND, you won't lose to much money on it.

    Yeah yeah...it's a show bike...but bikes are built to be ridden!
  18. just to give the few some insight... this bike was completely disassembled and rebuilt. all the parts that some are suggesting is gold or chrome, is actually nickle plated. the frame had a lot of work smoothing areas and including the welds to get the finish desired for the nickle result. much more durable that chrome and also in the flesh a much better look. the wheels, teh frame, pretty much anything they could take apart. the rest was resprayed and finished to a very high standard.

    is it worth the 28 or 35 k though? suppose it is in the eyes of the buyer.

    is it able to be registered? this is the rumour that has hung round this bike for many years. rumour ist hat it had grinding carried out on the frame welds, that it was 'structurally compromsied as the frame also holds the fuel' so it could not be registered. but the owner says it can.

    maybe the owner should offer it for 28k with a blue slip.

    but for all you lookers out there... it is a very sharp bike, and if you havent tried a buell, do yourself a favour and take one of these babies for a spin. you will love hte torque adn the grin factor! want better then go 1125!

    just for fun... here's mine. :)