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Bike not starting..

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by benn0551, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. Hi people. I have tried eveything I know how (which isn't a great deal when it comes to mechanics) and I am after some advice on what to look at to resolve my issue. I am very close to getting a mobile repairer to fix her but I am game to try a few more things.

    I bought a Hyosung GV650 off a friend for cheap. It had been dropped in a previous life and had a dented fuel tank. Last week I installed a new a new fuel tank in preparation for my full license and selling the Hyo. Drained the fuel from the old tank. Installed new tank. Rode the next day and everything sounded great. 3 days later, bike wouldn't start.

    The battery sounded fine, no struggling. The engine was turning over, but no combustion happening. When starting bike " eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh" but not "brm brm brm brm brm"

    Suggested issues from friends:
    1. Fuel not getting to engine.
    2. Spark plugs dead.
    3. Bad fuel / water in tank.
    4. Battery related.

    Action taken:
    1. Checked fuel leads for blockages. Unplugged from bike, started bike. Fuel being pumped out of the tank. No issue with fuel supply?
    2. Checked the spark plugs. Still sparking. No issue with spark plugs?
    3. Drained fuel tank. Cleaned fuel tank. New fuel in bike. No issue with fuel?
    4. Jumpered bike, same issue with bike not starting past the "eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh" stage.

    Further idea from friend:
    1. Run with bike, start in first. Apparently this can resolve water in the carburator.

    Have I missed anything obvious?? Does anyone know how to fix my poor bike??


  2. It sounds like you're on top of most of the major possibilities.

    I presume the Hysung is fuel injected? You tried with no throttle, some throttle and full throttle?

    Have you pulled the air filter out and inspected it?

    Have you tried a can of "Start ya bastard!' or something of that type?

    Does the bike have a fast idle / warmup system of some kind? Have you tried with that on and off?

    Really dumb question - sorry. Don't wish to patronise. Does the bike have a kill switch on the right hand switch block? Will the bike crank over with the kill switch on? Have you checked?

    Does the bike have an old school fuel tap? What position is it in? And how much fuel is in the tank?
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  3. So, air filter to test, followed by the dr.

    IF you have bad fuel, water in the the system. What's the method to clean it out? Keep trying to start the bike or is there something else?

    Thanks KD
  4. [drunk - sorry]

    To clean water from the fuel system put 500 mil of methylated spirits in with 1/2 a tank of high octane fuel. Get the bike running first.

    "Start ya barstard" is a product - not an incantation.

    Is the fuel tap set on "Main" or "Reserve" or "Off"? With 8l in the tank it may need to be set on "Reserve."
  5. Oh, not a chant ;) Will look into product tomorrow.

    My fuel tank does not have reserve, so no luck there.
  6. Is it fuel injected or carbied?
    Usually with carbs there is a reserve.
    A little confused here.
  7. Carby, but no reserve. At least, I have googled it and it's not listed in the service manual anywhere.
  8. No reserve on a carbied bike does seem unusual not that I know that bike. I'd check on that and make sure fuel tap is in correct position.

    It is possible that in changing tanks you dislodged crap in the tank that has blocked jets.

    If it is sparking. I'd try some start ya bastard to try and get it to fire. Sometimes if there is a bit of a fuel blockage form dirty fuel blocking jets, getting the engine going can suck the blockage through. How long has it been since you last had it running?

    Air filter could be an issue but I would think it would need to be very very dirty/blocked to prevent firing totally.
  9. It went from working fine on Sunday 4th - to not working Wednesday 7th.

    Fuel tap works, I have verified that fuel is making it's way from the tap to the pump - but I cannot verify if it's going from the pump to the carby.

    I am hoping AutoOne has some Start Ya Bastard for me to buy tomorrow.

    I will report back Monday/Tuesday after I have sprayed some "Highly Flammable" aerosole into her air intake :S

    Thanks all.,
  10. It's a Hyosung,,,,, It's dead!!!
    Give it a decent burial :rofl:
  11. Check your leads and plugs,check to see theirs no kinks in fuel supply line after fitting new tank,check carbies (if it is carb) and the floats also, cheers youll find out soon keep trying
  12. Thanks Bullit, for the less mechnically minded though... when you say check carbies - what exactly am I checking? Same with the float!

    No kinks.

    Be nice to the Hyo. Everyone needs a LAMS bike at some point ;)
  13. Wow... new day, new issues...

    I bought Start Yer Bastard... sprayed it in... no effect. I do have some oil in the air filter - nothing to worry about though.

    Now for the best bit... after all this cranking... the battery started to die. I attached a battery jumper and... the engine was cranking while the ignition was off?!?!?!? w... t... f

    So I am now charging the batter with a charger. Then going to spray more STB and try again. I think the Dr is long over due now.
  14. Fully charged battery + Start Yer Bastard = cranking but no starting.

    I have read that spark plug sparks need to be "not small" is it possible that the sparks arent big enough?? Any other ideas before I admit defeat???
  15. Benn need to check that youve got the right plugs for your particular bike,not sure what you mean about plugs not being big enough,with the floats in carbi all they do is control the amount of fuel that sits in the bowl to be used through an inlet,i was thinking maybe they where sticking caused when bike is dropped or lent hard over so maybe no fuel getting through to do this you need to dissemble the carb,good luck.
  16. What noise does it make when you try to start? assuming the batteries charged when you try.
  17. The spark plugs haven't been replaced. I was hinting at a possibility of maybe the spark isn't big enough to ignite the chamber? Can this occur when the spark plug is on it's way out?

    Oh... disassemble carby... time for mechanic ;)

  18. FYI, I changed the spark plugs and it worked perfectly.

    NOTE: Just because a spark plug sparks, doesn't mean it's fine!
  19. Glad you are going, Spark plugs have different ratings which specify what engine temperature range they are suited for. They can deteriorate and start shorting across to the body so the spark you get at the gap where it does the work is less than it should be. You are right that sometimes even though you are getting spark it is not enough. Well diagnosed.

    Happy Riding.