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Bike not starting (The beast is back!!)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Kraven, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. She's not working :(

    The Bike: CBR250RR
    The Problem: Nothing happens when starter is pressed

    The Story: I went for a big ride today and everything was fine with the bike, when i got home i parked it in my front garage, 1hr later i went up the street for some supplies (Still running fine) got home and parked it in the front again, 3hrs later my new muffler arrives and i start the bike up (Still running fine) and move it around the back of the house to fit the new muffler, put the new muffler on and go to start it and....nothing no clicking, no cranking over, nothing.
    I thought it may have been the new muffler so i put the old one back on and still there was nothing.

    I have the bike in neutral and the kill switch is set to run, i even tried starting it with the kickstand up and in 1st with the clutch in and still nothing:(. :cry: :cry:
    My stepdad thinks it could be a dead battery but i didn't think it could just die just like that (Having it tested tomorrow anyway), i didn't want to push start it because i have heard some horror stories regarding hydrolocking and i didn't want to damage the engine.

    Any suggestions welcome
  2. SOrry to hear about it dude! I reckon it is something to do with those funky arse electrics of yours that like to stop/start certain lights at random intervals :)

    BTW what sort of muffler did you get??
  3. Gets my vote too, it's very possible that loose connection could have been draining your battery and doing other damage to your charging system....
  4. Well, easy checklist....

    Does the headlight turn on when you give it power?
    Yes, battery working. No, uh oh.

    Other than that, i'd be going for simple but silly little things like the sidestand switch...
  5. Re: Bike not starting

    :? really?? Cos i started mine that way the other day, not out of nessesity, just cos i was on a hill...

    As far as the bike goes, did you remove the seat to get to the muffler? ie loose wiring. Also there are a few fuses, could be co-incidental.

    Can you get a jump from a car, or bike? (Should 'ave called me, since our gear's gotta be the same ;) ) That'll tell you if battery or not.

    See how tomorrows battery test goes.

  6. If you're battery is good it sounds like a dodgy internal kill switch connection, perhaps corroded.

    Try flicking it off and on , off and on, and trying the starter, I bet it eventually starts :)

    Good luck

  7. All lights are working (I fixed the brakes lights) and i didn't touch anything except for the muffler between it starting and it not starting.
    Muffler is a megacycle purchased from rootmasta

    It's just not doing anything (Like if you go to start it without the key turned on) but all electrics are fine.
  8. Id start chasing pretty much everything kill-switch-related...
    As Zorba suggested, the internals of the kill switch may be gummed up, the starter motor fuse (if there is one?).
  9. Ok i have found the problem, the ignition fuse was blown, i have replaced it but it blew again.

    Would this mean a bad earth??
  10. No.

    Blown fuse indicates too many amps flowing for fuse size.
    Check fuse is correct size. If it is you have a problem.
    Disconnect other end of wire, eg coils Try fuse again. If it blows, looks like fault in wiring. Look for worn insulation or rub marks.

    If fuse only blows when coils are attached, replace coils.

    If you can't find fault, garage or autoelec should be consulted.

    ps. while testing I always use a slightly smaller fuse. Better than setting fire to wiring. Once fault repaired, replace with correct fuse. Never use large rating fuse than design.
  11. Blown fuses usually mean a short circuit (to ground- frayed or chafed wire/connection) or due to an overload in the circuit. Perhaps a shorting switch or some part of the ignition electrics.
    All electricity eventually goes to earth, that's how it works, it has to flow somewhere, but if it goes to earth in a way not intended(too much current), it can blow fuses.

    Regards, Andrew.
  12. Thanks for the replies guys i'll check for any dud wires asap,
    It is defenatly the ignition switch at fault, everything works up to the point of pushing the start button and then the fuse blows.

    Would it be possible to push start it with the fuse blown??, just so i can get it to an auto elec.

    PS: Anyone know any good bike electritions?
  13. Mate, don't blame the switch itself unless you have disconnected the starter wire (wire to the selenoid) then turned the key and the fuse blows.

    I would look at the selenoid. The wire from the switch only activates the selenoid.

    Test that first.

    If you put a new fuse in, turn the ignition to ON and push start. Sounds like the fault is in the starter system. It could be the switch, it could be the wire to the selenoid and it could be the selenoid. Look there. Disconnect everything first and try again. reconnect on thing at a time and try.
  14. Push started it so at least i know i can get it running, i'm just going to take it down to City Auto Electrical Services in coburg either tomorrow if they are open or next week, i found them through this site and it seems like they know their stuff from what was written.
  15. did you wash it when you did the muffler?

    sounds like a short in the starter motor wiring
  16. Just got word from CAES (City Auto Electircal Services) that the bike is fixed and is ready to be picked up tomorrow, it seems that there was a short in the wiring loom and this was causing the fuse to blow every time i tried to start it, they have bypassed the short and everything is sweet now :D :D :D \:D/ \:D/

    <<<---- = Very Happy.

    I'll be writing a recomendation for these guys soon because they were absolutley chock-a-block before their xmas break and they still managed to fit me in and get me sorted. (Big thanks guys).