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Bike not starting after coming back from holidays?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by saba, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    I just got back from a four week vacation in Europe. Fantastic stuff, although riding a motorcycle there is nearly suicidal with the disregard of other drivers. I digress.

    My Suzuki VL250 doesn't want to start.

    It was running without a single qualm the day I left. It's a carby. Have petrol, have battery power so lights and starter work, but otherwise I'm unsure how to diagnose what's wrong.

    I have a primer position in the petrol cock but I haven't used it, and to be honest, I'm unsure what it does.

    Any thoughts or suggestions? It's too nice a day in Melbourne to waste away.
  2. Put teh fuel tap on prine for a couple of minutes, then crank teh bike over with FULL choke till it starts.
    The prime position is for just such occasions.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. Thank you. I'll give that a go!
  4. Unfortunately no go. The bike cranks over but doesn't fire off. Attempting to push-start doesn't seem to make a difference.

    Another suggestion I've come across in googling is to set the fueltap to off and crank it for a while, but that's in regards to clearing a flooded engine.
  5. How mechanical are you ...You may have flooded it .
    This might sound daft But you have turned the kill switch on .
    And have you got plenty of petrol ..
    If its flooded you can try turning the throttle to full open choke off and crank it over until it fires then close it and try as normal.Or leave it a while charge the battery up and give it a go tomorrow .
    If you are mechanical take the plugs out and check there not fowled ..
  6. Bike won't crank with kill switch off :) Definately on.

    There's plenty of fuel sloshing around in the tank.

    Maybe the really cold weather while I was gone might have done something to the fuel, or condensed some water where it shouldn't be.

    I have to wait until the battery is recharged (on the trickle charger as we speak), but I guess spark plugs are the next best bet.
  7. Do the checks make sure you have spark and fuel getting to the carbs (undo the drain plug under the carby )If its getting both pull the plugs out and check them or replace ..Well its something to do will you wait for the battery to charge.. :wink: or Just go get a can of start ya bastard spray it in the air box with the filter out and see if it fires..
  8. My bike has similar issues if it is left for a while or gets wet it doesnt like to start without full choke and the fuelcock in the Prime position, failing that I clutch it down the hill and that never fails.
  9. I'm betting water in the fuel. Use the drain on the carbies and get a few hundred ml out of it (tap in pri position).
  10. Thats the one that has got me the most often - very embarrassing! I thought all bikes still cranker with the kill switch off?
  11. Bam! That did it. Did a bit of learning and getting my hands dirty for the first time. Bled the carbs, about 150mL of fuel dribbled out with a teaspoon or so of water, push starting it fired it up reluctantly. Five minutes later it's as happy as I remember it being.

    I'm overjoyed, big grins and fist pumping.

    Thank you :D
  12. That'll do it, its really really hard to get water to burn!

    The 'prime' position on the fuel tap lets fuel into the carbs if the motor isn't running. Good for refilling the carbs after draining them or after the bike's been sitting a while and the fuel in the carbs has evaporated. Also good if the vacuum operated fuel tap is buggered.
    The 'on' position only lets fuel in when there is vacuum in the intake ie. the motor is running.