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Bike not registered.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Haider, Apr 21, 2009.

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  1. Ok...

    I bought my CBR250RR in August last year from a dealership.

    Got a speeding fine 2 weeks ago and enclosed was a non registered bike fine, in fact the registration was out in late November.

    I was amazed that I never received a bill to pay registration and that the bike is relatively new. I checked my sale contract of when I bought the bike and realised the dealership didn't fill in the date of when registration is due.

    I spoke to the dealership and the person behind the counter said "He doesn't usually fill that part out, we don't usually sell bikes with rego" When I asked him why I paid $500 for what we were under the impression was bike transfer and rego he said it was only a transfer of ownership (massive mark up?? My mate paid 240 for his)

    So now I don't know where I stand, I never received a bill for rego and I've signed the sales contract without a rego date. Dealer ship is taking no blame and now I'm stuck with 2 non registered bike fines of $340 each, rego bill for $380 and now that it's been over 90 days since rego was "issued" I need to get my bike roadworthy checked, which will cost a lot as it's a repairable write-off.

    Do I have a leg to stand on? Could I write to civic compliance with my story in hope for some sympathy?

    I feel cheated and very bloody angry..

    ANY Help would be greatly appreciated.


  2. Rider beware unfortunately. Has the bike had a VIV done since the accident?

    If not you are up for another huge slug from VicRoads.

    You're screwed because you didn't check the rego history of your bike or check it's expiration date. This can all be done for free through vicroads with something as simple as a license plate or vin number.

    On the other hand, it is a requirement (some sort) that the seller of a registered bike provides a RWC within 14 days either side of the date of handover. If your dealer hasn't done this you might be able to leverage something out of it.

    The fact (?) that you bought it with a license plate should mean that the bike has had RWC and thus you don't need a VIV (Phew) just a nominal fee to get a RWC from somewhere else as long as nothing is wrong with the bike. $60-90 depending where you go. Go to a car dealer that can RW bikes to get the easiest route, as they won't likely gouge you for repairs they can't carry out themselves... unlike a motorbike mechanic.

    just a stab in the dark but it isn't Ray Quincey?
  3. What should be my next step? I really don't want to pay these fines without fighting them.

    I'm not interested in court or any other legalities for that matter.

    A letter to civic compliance worthwhile?
  4. Well first of all the bike must have been transfered and initally registered in your name because you got the fine in the mail! Unless Im missing something.

    I suggest that you have not been active enough to know whether your rego was 3, 6 or 12 months in duration and it has simply expired on you.

    Not sure that you can really get out if this.
  5. There is no doubt they transfered the bike into my name correctly, it's the registration I'm complaining about.

    Not sure what you mean here. I rode my bike to and from work (70k round trip) from August until 3 weeks ago.

    My issue is why I never received the registration to be paid letter and why the dealership had not included the dates for registration or why they charged me $500 for transfer.
  6. If the rego laspe for more than 3 (or is it 2) months, then you will need to to get the vehicle book in for inspection and you will need to have a RWC. I really do not know how a dealer can sell you a bike without rwc and rego but has a plate.

    Prithee. Which dealer?
  7. how did you get 2 fines for unregisteredness?

    and yeh... good point Transformer - they sent you a fine in the mail but rego doesn't get to you?
  8. erewego - I bought the bike in August and the rego expired in November. So they sold it with rego, just a very short peroid. The contract of sale did not have any dates of rego even though there was specific boxes for those dates.

    I never said it didn't have any rego or roadworthy at point of sale. I am just amazed that I never received a registration due letter and the fact I only had 3 months rego from the dealership *after paying $500*

    I would rather not list the dealership, they are really nice people who may have just made a mistake.

    AhrimaaN- 1 Fine was from a speeding camera and 1 fine was from an officer.

    As I said, there is no doubt they transfered the bike into my name.

    The rego not being sent to my address is one of my issues, how can I pay something I don't know exists. I would hope they have records of where they sent the bill to, that may help me.
  9. Can't transfer an unregistered vehicle WITH the plates on it, and you got the fine sent to you, so you have obviously had the bike transferred to your name.

    What you paid was transfer fee and stamp duty of 4%. You bought the bike with three months of rego left on it. This is normal. Whether it was excessively marked up depends on how much you paid for the bike (do the math!)

    Vicroads should have sent a reminder to you, but they are under no legal obligation to do so. Unfortunately, you are ultimately responsible for ensuring your rego is up to date. You are also supposed to ensure the form is properly filled out (including date) before you sign it. This may be why you didn't get a reminder. Make sure they have correct details on record for next time, but you will have to pay this one. Sorry.
  10. Thanks for being bold and to the point.

    I'll write a letter to civic compliance to explain my situation and hope for a little sympathy (doubted)

    Cheers for the help.
  11. Personally I would have checked the rego label/sticker, or didnt your bike come with one attached?
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