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bike no run for 5 years... still good?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by rudey, Oct 5, 2006.

  1. Hey guys. im currently looking for my first bike.
    ive been offered a 1988 KWAKA GPX250 for $1200.
    any opinions on the bike would be good.

    the bike hasnt run for 5 years. would the engine be pretty much rooted and need a rebuild, or should it still be ok after a tune?

    it would probably need a new battery. can you think of anything else i would probably need to replace?

  2. I would imagine all new seals/gaskets etc, battery, tyres, tank may be rusted if it had fuel in it still and probably more that someone more mechanical than me can tell you. :wink:
  3. Needing to replace all that stuff, you might want to consider getting the bike for less. A friend of mine got an 87 gpx for $500 and needed to put in $1000 to get it up and running again. If the 88 has more than maybe 40-45 thousand Ks on it, def dont pay $1200.
  4. plugs and leads, new fuel, oil, filters and battery, and who knows, it might be a runner. Price is good though, plenty of people will take it if you won't!
  5. the tank has a fairly big dint in the top and and some dodgy fix(weld).

    the bike looks clean tho:
  6. i brought 2 TZR250's for $1200. one swas a spare parts bike. one hadnt ran in 8 years and was in pieces, the other hadnt run in 5 years just like your kwaka.

    i did a full engine rebuild, replaced all seals/gaskgets, piston rings, plugs, battery, had brakes serviced and had to buy one new carby as it had sediment blocking the pipes. all this was done by my friends dad and me (mainly him lol i just stodd there and held stuff) had it running like a dream for an extra $800. RWC+Reg was on road for roughly $2400-2500 with a market value of $3500. plus had spares to boot! which came in handy hehe.

    not sure if that helped or not but that was my experience. doing the labour ourselves saved me big buckos. so if your mechanically minded or know some one who is then its a major bonus.
  7. I would say go for it cos even if it cost around 2500 that still isn't to bad.
  8. Whats a GPX worth in RW condition?
  9. You'd also need to replace the tyres and ALL fluids. Anything rubber would need to be checked.
  10. +1 for tires: crucial

    part of it will depend on whether you can do the work yourself: Breno's story is great, but what costs $800 if you can do it yourself might cost 3x that if you need to pay a mechanic to do it...
  11. Yeah, $1200 doesn't sound cheap.

    You could easily rack up $1500 getting it back on the road, and that's if there isn't a problem with the engine.

    Think what you could buy for $2000 and $700 in your pocket for maintenance/mods in the first year.
  12. .... and do you know why someone stopped riding it five years ago?
  13. they said they stopped riding it because they lost insterest.

    thanks for the replies people.
  14. sorry matey i think 1200 is a bit steep, sounds cheap but as others said, once you add on parts, tyres, tuning, servicing, road worthy, rego etc it will turn into an expensive bike. You could be looking at just for thought process here, brake pads, possibly brake lines, calipers could need rebuild if siezed, plugs, leads, battery, carbies may need overhaul and balanced, tyres etc, chain possibly, clutch could now be a bit iffy etc This is a worst case scenario but something you do need to prepare for when buying something that hasn't been going or riden for all that time
  15. know the person selling it? maybe you can take it into a shop and get them to give it the once over see what it needs then decide.
  16. Good call flexorcist
  17. replace the tires - my god, replace the tires if you do nothing else

    You WILL stack it on rubber that old, trust me :eek:
  18. hi, I got a kwaka a bit older than yours for $1500 plus registration. but mine had a RWC, new rings, pipes, cam chain, front fork seals and brake pads. still have problems with things like fuel lines that are old so it will be a little while and a few $'s before I have a really reliable bike.
    I think mine was inactive for a lot longer than 5 years.
  19. for a gpx thats not running $600-800
    make sure u got plenty of free time to fix it up.
    parts shoudltn be a problem for a gpx.

    btw there was a runnning but in horrible condition one ebay a while ago still registered went for $600.

    time time time if u havnt got it dont bother