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bike no longer on RTA LAMS list [NSW]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Zaphod69, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. A mate and I own Kawasaki GPZ500s (EX500A1). It's been on the RTA LAMS list since 2002 but now has been removed. When called to ask why we were told it's because of it's power to weight ratio.

    Just wondering what the implications are? When we bought the bikes it was to do our L's and P's. Now it's not on the list does that mean we have to get other bikes? Kinda sucks as the bikes were purchased in good faith based on the RTA policy. (RTA wouldn't give me the answer to these bikes - just a restatement - all Learner / Provisional riders must only ride LAMS approved bikes).

    Note: QLD and SA both have the EX500A1 still on their LAMS lists.

    Think I'll carry my LAMS list from last year just in case.

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  2. Re: bike no longer on RTA LAMS list

    That's strange. I might be wrong, but I thought the ER5 and the GPZ500 had the same engine (if not very similar) engine, so I can't understand how the GPZ500 suddenly got more power (or less weight).
  3. Re: bike no longer on RTA LAMS list

    How come the power to weight ratio of an old bike suddenly changed? Seems like the RTA must have got it wrong to begin with....
  4. Re: bike no longer on RTA LAMS list

    does the rego tag have lams on it? if so you should be fine.
  5. Re: bike no longer on RTA LAMS list

    It should by rights retain it's LAMS status once it's been printed on the rego sticker. You'll be right.
  6. Re: bike no longer on RTA LAMS list

    If all the paperwork says LAMS keep all your rego slips from previous years giving you clear evidence of frame and engine numbers and proving that it remains the exact same bike.
  7. Re: bike no longer on RTA LAMS list

    :LOL: I was looking at buying one of these last year, sent an e-mail to NSW RTA asking why it wasn't on the list anymore. Week later I got a reply along the lines of "send us the power, weight, vin/engine numbers and we can work out if your bike is LAMS"

    Er ok, they didn't answer my question and they're trusting me, a random over the net, to send them the info. Not like it's thier job know/research this or anything.

    Pull the figures of the net and send them of out of interest, despite the bike already being sold.

    2 weeks later I get another reply
    "Unable to compleate the application, we need the power of the bike in KW not HP"


    Good luck.
  8. Re: bike no longer on RTA LAMS list

    There's our tax dollars at work.
  9. Re: bike no longer on RTA LAMS list

    In regards the rego papers having LAMS on it - I bought the bike in 2008. It's rego had just expired and it didn't have LAMS written on it. I rego'd it and again the sticker didn't have LAMS on it - asked the desk jockey at the RTA about it and he said (verbatim quote) - "aren't lambs what you have for dinner"?

    So 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 rego labels dont have LAMS on them - even tho it was on the list.

    ER5 is exactly the same engine but from what I remember the ER5 is a naked bike (lighter??) - it's still on the LAMS list.
  10. Re: bike no longer on RTA LAMS list

    So what would happen if someone sent in a gsxr1's power of 150kw but mistyped and wrote 15kw.

    Would it get approved? This seems a silly system but I wouldn't put it past the RTA.

    Hmm I guess it would fail on the >660 cc though. Though you could still do the typo on a r6 or the like.
  11. You will find that the GPZ500 is a four cylinder, the ER5 is a twin.
    Not that his necessarily impacts its eligibility for LAMS status.
  12. Sorry - the GPZ500 is a twin. Same motor as the ER5 but the ER5 is tuned slightly differently (lower HP).

    The GPZ550 is a 4 cylinder.
  13. Thanks Zaphod, I stand corrected.
  14. I have an answer from the RTA this morning - good news!

    Dear Wayne,

    Sorry for the delay in getting a response to you.

    The LAMS scheme is in the process of being rolled out nationally by Austroads. New South Wales has been given the responsibility for reviewing all motorcycles eligible for LAMS. As part of this process, the EX500 (GPZ 500S) was reviewed based on current data and was found to exceed the 150kw/tonne limit. As such, this motorcycle has been removed from the list

    I have been able to verify that you owned the motorcycle with the registration XXXXXX with the VIN EX500AXXXXXX, as you stated.

    However, RTA records indicate that your motorcycle was never issued with a LAMS code as the RTA's automated systems detected (from the power and weight figures entered) that the motorcycle was not eligible to be issued with a LAMS registration label and certificate.

    I can confirm, however, that you are permitted to continue to ride this motorcycle as you purchased it when it appeared on the RTA's Approved motorcycles for novice riders list.

    The RTA will be issuing you with a new registration label carrying an LA code (LAMS), as well as a formal letter confirming that you are permitted to ride this motorcycle. You will need to carry the letter when riding your motorcycle should a police officer query its LAMS status. The RTA is making this allowance in this one instance as you bought your motorcycle in good faith and that, although the motorcycle does not meet official LAMS requirements, it is marginally over the maximum threshold.

    Notwithstanding this, the RTA will not be adding this motorcycle to the national LAMS list. Additionally, the LA code and registration will be removed from the motorcycle by the RTA if and when you choose to on-sell it.

    With regard to your comments about the dyno testing of your friend's motorcycle, the output of a motorcycle at the rear wheel on a dyno does not accurately reflect its output at the crank. The RTA uses reflects the official homologation data that draws the engine output figures at the crank, and not from the rear wheel.

    I trust this assists you with your enquiry.

    I'm happy now! No intention of selling it until my son is eligible to ride something bigger as well.