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Bike names

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by edgelett, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. this has probably been asked before but have you named your bike??

    my BF & I both have. his black Honda CB1300 (http://tinyurl.com/ahjtg) is known as "Black Mamba", and my black CB250 (http://tinyurl.com/an2ea) is known as "The Neame Streak" after my surname.

    so have you named yours? if yes, what have you named it?

  2. bike cos that is what it is, naming it otherwise is weird.
  3. I call my bike Black Betty. :cool:
  4. It was Katrina Katana. But ever since the neighbor backed over it its been Stealth Kat.

    Its bright orange. When parked in its usual spot against a white wall it just fades into invisibility. Its exactly the same shade of orange as the new army camoflauge for vehicles.
  5. Its simple. Mine is called Yellow cos it is and Husbands bike is referred to as Red cos it is. To begin with Red was referred to as Big Red, because we had another 748 called Red as well. The Red 748 has gone, so Big Red is just Red now.....
  6. No name for the Hornet, it is simply a tool.

    Then again, so am I and I got a name.
  7. so did i :shock: never mind im sure they both know who their daddy is
  8. Hey percrime, were you at the lanesplitting protest this morning?

    I rode up Springvale Rd with an orange Katana that pulled in alongside me. You don't see many orange ones, so I was just wondering. :)
  9. Hmm well i don't have my bike yet. But i will come up with a name for it ^_^
  10. course I was there :)
  11. yep

    it's there
  12. amazing that you saw me tho. Somehow the camo doesnt seem to work for motorcyclists. They are imune or somthing.
  13. Mine is called "Miss Err" cause it is an ER.

    My boyfriends 250 is called "Victa" cause it sounds like a lawnmower :)

    His 600 doesn't have a name... other than "the 600".

    My ZZR was called "the old girl".
  14. I named my ZXR2 "Endo" because my first crash was an endo over the handle bars. :D
  15. My first road bike was a Kwaka Z250 and I called him Earl. Then the GSX250 after that was called Merle, then the Honda CBX550 was called Pearl. Then I realised how dumb all of those names were. The Hornet 600 was called "the Bomb" ( Bank of Melbourne Bike) :grin: . Now I call the ZXR "the little red hen" or "fake purse ninja"( see the movie Bowfinger for that one) . Firestorm is called "Goonky" which in our house is the word for drink. get it ?. .....

  16. no ....please explain ?
  17. Naming an inanimate object is down right weird.
  18. O.k, um, when my kids were little, my daughter Ruby used to crawl to the fridge and make a sound that sound like "goon" which meant she wanted her bottle cause she was THIRSTY. My son ,Jack interpreted this as "goonky" and thus the word stuck and its still used in our house to this day ( kids are now 14 and 15) .So, we call a drink a "Goonky". Now, the VTR is THIRSTY and I only get 175 ks out of the tank on a good day. Now do you get it???
    P.P please dont commit me.
  19. I did a little internet search and found this website:
    interesting to note the comment:

    From American Ballads and Folk Songs, Lomax
    Note: Black Betty was the whip used in some southern prisons.RG

    It's all making sense, now...
  20. Toyed with some nicknames for my bike but nothing really stuck. I just always called it 'my bike' or 'the Spada'

    Eventually, my insurance company called it 'written off' so something catchy like 'dearly departed' might apply.