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Bike Movie ABC Ch2 This morning early AM, 12.30

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Jaqhama, Jul 2, 2006.

  1. The British classic bike race movie Silver Dream Racer is on Channel 2 in about another hour from now.

    12.30 start.

    David essex in what was, at the time, the best movie made about bikes and racing.

    No ads on channel 2 so watch it or record it knowing it runs straight thru.

    Great film.

    I'm going to watch it at work...LOL.
  2. Cool! Thanks Jaqhama. Crispy David Essex - yummy! Will record it for prosterity.
  3. what is channel 2?
    do I get that on foxtel. I dunno?. help.. I remember at my first year in high school in Scotland singing david essex' song .. "only a winters tale" in the 1st year school choir.. I was at the front in the middle with the mic on me.. haha. Umm. yeah.. my balls have dropped since then...
  4. Not much work on here either , might mosey on upstairs and watch it. :)
  5. Channel 2 in Sydney is TV station ABC.
  6. channel 102 on foxtel numpty but you've missed the start!
  7. Great movie, not sure about the ending tho :shock:
  8. I missed the ending because i was too tired. I saw the first hour(+half) though.
  9. was this on the stardard vhannel or the DIGITAL TV one??
  10. It was on free to air - sydney on ABC
  11. I was too busy flicking between the motogp and the tour de france
  12. Ive got it on video :)
  13. It's worth noting that the bike had a carbon kevlar frame, and most had no idea what that was when this movie was made.

    The ending, shocking the first time you see the movie.