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Bike Mouse

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Dazza, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. not bad,how much????
  2. Why would you need one of them :roll: :?: Oh yeah i spose if your computer crashed :LOL:
  3. They think of everything :p
  4. 74 was Daijiro Kato who was tragically killed in Rnd 2 (I think) of MotoGP season 2004. He was Japan's best hope of having a MotoGP world champion. Apparently a phenomenal Superbike rider and genuine all round nice guy. Unfortunately, he has the auspicious title of the only motorcyclist ever killed while actually competing in any of the Grand Prix classes. (The IOM TT being a different story) Other riders have been killed while testing and others while doing other things (one I think died while rally driving).
    I can't read Japanese but the mouse it probably also a tribute to Kato
  5. LOL.. I want one

    Lisa :twisted:
  6. babelfish translation here
  7. That's about AUD$68 which I suppose is not too bad for a super-duper tribute mouse
  8. should get a white simpson one :LOL: