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bike mounted video camera in traffic

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by AFX, Jan 24, 2007.

  1. After reading a few incidents where a cager has caused someone to come off / damage their bike I was wondering if anyone uses a video camera when riding through traffic (short trips / commuting)?

    I know typically bike mounted cameras are used to film yourself going through the twisties. But I was thinking they could also be used to capture video footage of traffic around you. Should a cager cause you to come off the bike and it was their fault then the video could be used as evidence. Assuming it was the cager's fault and you got it on video of course. :)

    Any thoughts on this?
  2. :? I'm confused... everyone states it's Legal... how is it questionable?
  3. Hmmm for some reason in that thread I have had issues with some Basic comprehension and will now go bang my head against a brick wall to clear my mind ](*,)

    I balme it on all the use of double negatives...
  4. When I go riding with the camera, I usually turn it on in "long play" mode (320x240x15fps) when just hum-drumming it to where I want to go. I do it for just this reason. The picture quality isn't fantastic, but it'd be enough to counter anyone who claimed that what happened was the opposite of what really did happen (i.e. my word against yours scenarios).

    It's perfectly legal, so long as there is no visual video display that is visible to the rider while operating the bike (it's a law that was passed to prevent people from installing DVD movies in the front seat so that they could watch while "driving" and would be about the only thing they could sting you for).
  5. I think it is legal to have... but the recording might be of questionable value in court as evidence. I don't know, but I'm curiouos myself. I remember a case a while ago, some rider in USA filmed herself getting rammed by a car - she put it up on the web and so on, but even in her case I can't remember if that footage was actually used in court.

    The idea is certainly floating around, just the other day I was reading about Derby (Spanish manufacturer) showing a model of their Scrambler bike with video cameras actually built-in.
  6. It's so frustrating when people don't fail to use double negatives...

  7. Thanks FALCON-LORD I remember seeing the start of that thread not too long ago. Someone linked the http://www.sportbikecam.com.au/ website and I'm thinking about purchasing one for my DV camera. :grin:

    I would find a way to get the speedo out of frame if I do end up getting one because I'm sure the same footage could be used against you if you were a few kph over the limit.
  8. Thanks Cathar, I'll have to remember not use the LCD screen while the bike is moving.
  9. Not sure to whether it would be accepted as evidence in court, for the same reasons why digital photos are not accepted either - its too easy to edit. Video, whilst harder - is still entirely possible to fake. Not sure the legalities though..
  10. I looked at those too. For that price I decided to make my own and 60mins later, camera mount done! :grin: Works a treat too. Cost me about $5 and 1hr of time. Quicker to get on and off than theirs too.
  11. Not all Dv cameras are compatible with this.

    I have a helmet cam and a DV cam but haven't put them to work together yet. I need to get the remote and a way to fasten the cam to the bike/helmet/wherever.

  12. I was going to ask if it was duct tape but then I read your last sentence. :LOL:

    I'd be interested to see what it looks like / how you mounted it.
  13. You'd have to tender the entire original tape as evidence and it wouldn't look good in court if they showed you lifting the front wheel as you take off from the previous 5 sets of traffic lights only to get hit by someone at number 6 :facepalm:

    Let alone the previous weekends effort on a Spurs run :LOL:
  14. Digital photos aren't accepted in court? Got any evidence of that? :LOL:
  15. Gimme a few minutes and a copy of Photoshop and I will have
  16. have a read of this female rider and her misadventure when i car veers into her while she's sporting a helmet cam.
  17. Video link not working