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bike mods borat style

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by twainharte, May 22, 2010.

  1. #1 twainharte, May 22, 2010
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    for your reading pleasure. caution: it's a page turner!

    from the zx-10r forum

    some examples:



  2. I found this the other day on another forum. Scary scary sh!t.

    Can't believe he hasn't wiped himself out yet. How can you be that stoopid?
  3. Such ambitious stupidity.
  4. Hey, rubber ways a bit, I'll save weight by riding on the rims.
  5. $10 says he's drilled one of the following atleast once -
    Wrist pin
    Clutch (plates or basket)

  6. I always love the idea of a company spending millions on designing the air intakes / airbox and some guy with a angle grinder thinks he knows better.

    And here is his flickr

  7. air boxes are often restricted for a reason. hp/noise/emissions.

    theres often reasonable gains from at home mods on dirtbikes at least
  8. lol he locks the bike up.

    only somebody stupider than him would steal that thing. anybody rekon somebody that stupid exists?
  9. some of the mods are ok. i mean... cutting the frame i wouldnt do.

    but its interesting to see someone trying to make their bike lighter for a change rather than just prettier/more hp

    I mean, you have to cut that excess fat to improve your abilities. :D

  10. Looking at the first photo again... he didn't cover the throttle body while cutting the frame... bye bye piston rings.

    And is he makeing air filters from wire mesh and mattres foam?

    Wow... I thought I had seen some rooted sprockets on old farm bikes... could the bike even move? Looks like his axle is rooted too :facepalm:
  11. The exhaust is still my favourite, just for sheer fugliness.
  12. wtf

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  13. I think if you incorporate all the different epic fails from US motorcycling forums into one bike, you will have a seriously awesome bike.

    Drill holes in ECU. Pour NOS drink into fuel tank. Cut speed holes in frame.

    Lighter, more powerful bike with extra energy! YUT-UGH!
  14. I saw this on another forum earlier. Pretty bad. Let's hope no one is stupid enough to take his advice.

    Oh, you asshole. I was just about to go to bed.

    Is it the Middle Eastern equivalent of the 'sherminator'?
  15. I wonder if this guy has any relation to Roger Cordia?

    The square holes cut into the chassis is incredible..... next he'll be shooting "speed holes" into it
  16. From his BikePics page:
    Holy ****ing Shit. Remind me to stay out a country where this guy can open a mechanic shop.
  17. This has to be a spoof.