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Bike models

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by The_brick, Feb 3, 2006.

  1. Can home from work today, and found i had mail.
    yer yer i know lots of people get mail :roll:
    Well anyway opened up the box to find a scale model of a zx12r (looks like an 03)

    Anyway checked out there webs site and they have a lot of different bikes


    Just thought someone might be interested :p
  2. How much it set U back?
  3. Has I said i got it in the mail
    My birthdays next week and i guess the person knows i love my bike.

    way to a mans heart is through his bike :grin:

    i will find out and post it when i know

    Also know that they brought it in melbourne in the city somewhere
  4. Just rang to Hobby Place 280 lonsdale st melbourne

    Model prices very from bike to bike

    Did find out that a r1 costs $49.50

    They didnt have a price on the 12
  5. There's an Aussie company that specialises in selling out many of the older, often out of production, Tamiya kits that's handy if anyone's chasing up a kit of an older Japanese bike. (Notice the tamiya link brick posted has "gaps" in the number sequences, those represent models no longer produced).
    Edit: Note that their are some 1/6th scale Tamiya kits available which are very impressive when built well.
  6. I bought this the other day. Reduced from $160

    1:9 scale RC211V with amazing detail.
    You even build up the engine, and it has working suspension :)

    Still have to pick up some paints from the hobby shop and get to work on it.