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Bike mechanics....

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by I Adore Vic, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. Hey all. Any bike mechanics here?

    Anyone know approx. how much it should cost to get a rear shock replaced on a VTR250? Incl. labour of course.

    Also, how much to get a rear disc replaced...incl. labour.

    And finally, how much to get the front forks done. I've been told they may either need to get the oil replaced in them or they may need new springs as well. Am yet to take bike in to usual mechanics to get done, but would like to have some kind of an idea of how much each is going to cost...and may even take it elsewhere if I can find somewhere cheaper.


  2. Haven't you done the rear shock before Rosie?
    Cant help on price mate
  3. yeah but that was a warranty job. At 80000kms the bike's rear shock is stuffed. Is this to be expected of a rear shock on a VTR250 at this many kms?
  4. Dunno what a shock's worth, a disc usually costs around $300.

    If you get those two bits and bring 'em around I can do it in an afternoon. It'll cost ya some beer.

    Aren't you gonna get rid of that bike?
  5. Why do you need the rear disc replaced Rosie?

    80,000kms isn't too bad for a budget shock. Reading some stuff on another forum, looks like they have issues well before that mileage normally.

    Front forks Loz has covered.
  6. Rosie, if you let me know what parts you need, I'll see if I can get them cheap for you from work. If your gonna sell the bike, and not fussed about OEM parts, "metal gear" discs are far cheaper, and I'll get em for cost price for ya :)
  7. Oh and fork oil's about $15 and should take half an hour. Springs if you want them are around $200 a set and no extra time.

    Bring it round, you'll be surprised how much you'll be able to do yourself.
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  9. What two bits Loz? The disc and shock? Can you do the shock?? Thanks for the offer and I really appreciate it. The bike's due for a service so I'll get taht done first, and let mech. have a look at what needs doing with the rest of it, and then weigh up my options and get back to you.
  10. The rear disc has an uneven surface (running fingers along inside and out you can feel just how badly uneven the surface is) and rear braking is shite and useless. Since buying the bike I've done a fair bit of peak hr commuting and use the rear brake a fair bit for this.
  11. Hey Caz. That's really nice of you - let me figure out what I'm going to do and then I'll let you know either way. *hugs* Come down to teh Island sometime and have a drink or 10 with me okay!
  12. Hey Loz, that's cheaper than what I've been quoted (quotes included labour of course).

    I'd like to bring it around and do it myself but as I said above, will first see what the usual mechanic has to say/quote.

    Will let you know...thanks :)
  13. In terms of labour, fork springs and oil should come in between half and one hour - at least that's how long it takes me.

    Shock can be more problematic, maybe 2 hours depending on how hard it is to get at. Rear disc around 10 minutes once the wheel's off to play with the shock.
  14. can they machine bike discs? maybe check to see if you can and have the rear disc machined, will be cheaper then a new one.

    Could also try pete the pom, his work is great and at good prices but really as loz says it's not that hard and if he farks up you front forks you have my number :LOL:
  15. There are a few places that can machine bike discs, but they are all expensive because of the captive market.

    The other complication is that if they are grooved too deep, they still won't be roadworthy even if they are flat - there is a minimum thickness specified on a model by model basis. Normally, even a deeply grooved disc will still stop just fine. If you think about it, the pads will wear to mate with the grooved disc surface. They definitely feel odd when you put brand new pads in until they wear to suit.

    FWIW I had a Metal Gear disc fitted to the Girlie's R65 and it stops just fine. Their kits come with new pads too.
  16. The shock comes out in 2 minutes, Loz.
  17. Why not rebuild the shock?
  18. That's what I would do, mate.