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Bike Mechanics in Sydney

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Paulie, Mar 17, 2006.

  1. hey all, just havin a look around trying to figure out where I should take the bike with the cooling problem. Anybody have any good reccommendations for mechanics in sydney? The last guy I took it to couldnt find anythin wrong with it

  2. Lloyd Penn Motorcycles in Artarmon is my choice. Good blokes, know what they're doing, won't B/S you. PH: (02) 9906 8488
  3. +1 for Lloyd. Do a search for reviews on him.
  4. Like Kaer, I'm a fan of Lloyd Penn. Haven't had any problems with them - good trustworthy guys on the North Shore (Artarmon).

    Mind you, josh909 took his VTR to another mechanic who he raves about - his 12K service cost about $150 less than mine. I'm certainly keen to check this guy out next time.

    josh909 will probably post up to plug this mech.
  5. Just did a quick search for josh909's post... "Beaconsfield Motorcycles" was the mob.
  6. yep... beaconsfield honda. :)

    they've done my last 2 services and when i needed a part they didn't have in stock it was ordered and ready to pick up the next day.
  7. This would be a good sticky for Sydneysiders. What do the powers that be reckon?
  8. Don't...I repeat, don't go to Action Motorcycles in the city. Useless bunch of no hopers. I am on the lookout for a good mechanic. Will try Close motorcycles next as they are nearby(which was the only reason I went to Action in the first place). Am about to go to Sydney City Motorcycles at Kogarah. Been there once before and they seemed good. Just a bit far away is all.
  9. I'll second that. Last time that I was in Sinny on the bike I had it serviced there and a new rear tyre fitted. When I picked the bike up it had a different brand of tyre on it to the one that I wanted and the bike had a slight rattle in it at idle. I fronted the mechanic about it and he told me that the rattle came from the crankcase breather which he had freed up.
    I found out later that the rattle came from leaving a hose off the crankcase breather. I found this out when the bike started to run on three because the hose from the breather is vented into the float boal and dirt had entered the carby.
    Avoid at all costs.
  10. Noob Q: Bike Service (Sydney)

    Hey guys

    I want to get my bike serviced (its actually 3000 -4000 km earlier than i need to, but i feel that the constant riding and especially practicing for the MOST test may have taken a toll, someone mentioned my back tire was nearly on its way out) :(

    So does anyone have a good reputable service place around Sydney (somewhere that is reputable but also reasonable with its pricing)? Are there any that would accept bikes on the weekend?

    Thanks Guys
  11. Re: Noob Q: Bike Service (Sydney)

    Not sure about weekend service but I just got my bike back from Lloyd Penn at Artarmon (phone 99068488). They were a bit of a hike for me to get to, but well worth the effort. They did a 24k major service ('05 Suzuki GS500) as well as chain & sprockets & a general once over on everything else. I bought the bike recently, so the service history was an unknown. Now it's super smooth & rides like a new bike. Highly recommend them. Artarmon railway station is only 10min walk from their workshop, which is convenient too.
  12. So has action in the city improved at all? I usually go to Lloyd penn but I had to leave it at action today. Am a bit hesitant to leave it there because of many negative comments but I notice many of the comments are well over 12 months old.

    Has their service improved at all or are they still holding a bad reputation for service?
  13. Action is still bad, but the Parramatta store is by far worse.

    They have a new shop manager I think, so service quality may be different than before.

    I guess you are going to find out though.
  14. Picked a brand new bike up from action the other day. Told me it would be ready at lunchtime. I got there at 5pm, had to wait 30 mins to be served, the bike paperwork hadnt been done, plates werent even on the bike. When I finally got it home in the light it had grubby greasy hand prints all over it.
    At least I got it cheap.
  15. Seeing as you saved some cash, it might be worth your time to go to a good shop and have the bike looked over. Action has a rep for sketchy build quality, like nuts not properly secured etc.
  16. will be taking it to lloyd penn for its first service, and all other services after that so will get him to check it then
  17. These guys dont service anything older that 15years according to their website, is this correct? or is it more of a guideline?

    There is also Sydney Motorcycle Wreckers in Alexandria, I will be checking these guys out when i get my bike as they are close to where i work

  18. Dunno about that. I'd give the workshop a call if I was you. 9319 6811, and ask to speak to Hiroshi, he knows a thing or two.

    You were talking about the wreckers in Alexandria right? They're friendly enough, but I've only ever gone there to source parts, not get servicing done so I can't comment on that.

    EDIT: The sales guys at Close are not very charming, but the workshop guys are pretty helpful good to deal with.