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Bike Mechanics for dummies?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by removed-6, Mar 12, 2006.

  1. I come from the bicycle industry and there is a publication which is renowned as the bible of bicycle mechanics. Does anyone know of a similar publication for motorbikes? Something that will explain simple mechanics I guess. I would like to be able to service my own bike eventually. I know there are TAFE courses, just wondering if it is in print somewhere :?:

  2. To Quote:

    Credo for Moto Guzzi Owners and Mechanics

    Stock parts are always best — except occasionally when they’re not

    Always fix the problem as well as the symptom

    The only way to really find out if something is better is to try it yourself

    Just because something makes sense doesn’t mean it’s right

    Changes are as likely to be tradeoffs as improvements

    Nothing is believable until you’ve made the same mistake yourself

    Even if you cut it twice it will still be too short

    Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke — unless you know it’s going to break anyway

    A big problem is easier to find than a small one

    No easier or cheaper approach is ever the best way

    Wrenches are brain tools, not hand tools

    Rarely does anything work out the way you want if left to chance

    Maintenance is almost always easier than repairs — and costs less too

    And for your friends and motorcycling acquaintances along the way who wonder why you don’t ride a motorcycle with a name beginning with an “H”, just remind them that the best is rarely the most popular.
  3. Would Guzziology be good for new Guzzis?
  4. Don't you love simple logic thats more then likely taken years to perfect?
  5. Oh yeah!!! Just make sure you get it from the author's website. There are a few ripoff merchants who will sell you an old inferior version. (And the author doesn't get a cut.)
  6. Have heard good things about this book but haven't got around to picking myself up a copy yet (they were sold out last time I tried).
  7. I recommend getting ahold of a service manual (such as haynes) and reading through that - I found they cover a lot of info fairly well.
  8. Find a club that loves the same marque that you do.
    If you cannot find one (or if you do not love the marque you ride) then find another.
  9. The book JD is talking about is the Haynes Maintenance Techbook and it is very good. Heaps of photos.

    Technical Books on La Trobe St - around the corner from Peter Stevens Melbourne - has them for $53.00 - I bought mine two weeks ago. :grin:
  10. Too true. Poor H_______ Riders ;)
  11. You can also order them in from Repco ( yes the car one ) they will have it in a day
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