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Bike mechanical/maintenance course?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by shauny, Mar 10, 2006.

  1. hey guys finally picking up my suzuki bandit tomorrow morning cant wait anyways quick question i want to do a bike mechanic course or a short course of some kind just so i got a better understanig of my bike so if i break down i got some idea whats goin on

  2. I did a short course on Motorcycle Maintainance at Holmsglenn.
    Was a valuable little course and I recommend it to any noob.
    Was only around $200 from memory..... :?
  3. Can you post up extra info? I would be keen - maybe we can make a Netrider booking if enough people will commit.
  4. Welcome to Netrider.
    The search is a great function to locate previously discussed topics :wink:
  5. http://www.shortcourses.holmesglen.vic.edu.au/crsmm080.html
  6. Is it a 1200,600 or 250?
    If it b a 1200 I can show you how to do valve clearances and all the basics.
  7. Chadstone only, that bites! :(
  8. Thanks Mouth & undii. I didn't "search" because I was after specifics on THIS course - I'd read the previous thread.

    I agree though - Chadstone only is a pain.
  9. http://www.shortcourses.vic.gov.au/ and use "motorcycle" for the search term. Coburg, Chadstone, and Carrum Downs. A fairly good spread across the city.
  11. Leave my bike alone! It needs a qualified profesional. :p :LOL:
  12. Are there any similar courses in Sydney?
  14. i also did this course. was good value. excellent teacher - short, stubby, bald guy with ZZTop beard, been in the industry forever, absolute mine of knowledge and stories coming out his a*se. i learnt this about how an engine works:


    wasn't as hands-on as i woulda liked....
  15. motorcycle maintenance

    Hows that motor go again :shock:
  16. Yeah I did the Holmesglen course a while ago, and my impression was pretty much the same as carri27's. For my money I'd try another one of the TAFEs.

    Although as I've stated in another thread the guy who takes the course knows his stuff backwards - it's just how it's taught (not very well in my opinion).