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Bike mechanic & panel beater

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by calisleo, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. Just got my 2nd Honda VTR250.

    Anyone know a good bike mechanic and how the cost for full service. Looking in area of blacktown or parramatta.

    Also a good Panel beater -> want to fixed a ding on tank and a bit paint job..

    Thanks in advance
  2. doh..no reply at all.

    So don't any of u service u bikes at all ?

    Well i did a few check, can someone comment is ok or rip off. In my opinion is rip off. How can service on bike more expensive than a car. Bike engine is less complicated.

    Check 3 different place all quote the same price, but try to ask more detail what include in sercive all of them want to get off the phone like the building on fire.

    Basic service : $250
    Full service : $330 + part.
  3. i don't know about bike servicing in that area, but i can recommend Lloyd Penn over at Atarmon. He knows what he's doing. Just had my VTR serviced by him and it runs like a wet dream now... he's not the cheapest around, but does a damn good job, and is worth the travel
  4. Castlehill Motorcycles is very good. Kind of in between Blacktown and Parra......Can't recommend them highly enough!
  5. +1

    if you arent doing the work yourself and want someone out west then Cookie is hard to beat

    if you want to get the paint done then find a small panel shop and speak the magic words CASH JOB MOITE

    there isnt much to paint on a VTR so get it done in a normal car colour as they are already in the booth and i would be surprised if it cost you more than a few hundred to paint the lot

    G&D on powers rd 7 hills did me well in the past , speak to the boss Joe
  6. mmt
    end of the first avenue on the industraial side of granvil station
  7. thanks for info guys.

    ihaveduff do u have teh contact detail for Lloyd Penn, sicne my work in chatswood i can drop off before going to work.

  8. LLoyd Penn

    34 Punch St, Atarmon

    ph: 9906 8488

    you'll have to book him a few weeks in advanced, but he's bloody brilliant! Bike feels like new after a trip to him