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Bike mechanic in Liverpool region

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Prisoneroflove, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. Hi, anyone know of a bike mechanic in the Liverpool (Sydney) area or close abouts. I have just moved here now and need to have someone look at my bike. Someone reputable please. Thanks

  2. There are a few about, but I can't recommend any as I do my own work. All of the dealers have mechanics attached.

    The are quite a few netriders in the area too that can help.

    What type of bike and what is the problem?
  3. RC Motorcycle Tuning
    4/8 Cunningham Street Moorebank 2170
    (02) 9602 9844

    Robert FTW!
  4. If you're hard up for options give Lupica Motor Repairs a call on 9601 1270, on Seton Rd Moorebank behind 7-11 on Heathcote.

    He's predominantly a car mechanic but rides as well and works on some bikes, pretty cluey with the spanners, upfront and honest, and if you need a courtesy vehicle there's no charge.
  5. I took my Suzuki Katana to Red Baron on Hoxton Park Road to book it in for a full tune and service, but was told they don't do bikes over 10 years old because they can be a bit "fiddly".
    I haven't set foot in the place since.
  6. I do use MAS at chipping norton to do my tyres. the owner always has quite a few bikes in there if that is anything to go by.
  7. heh, i wonder if they'll service a GS500 then, as the engine and the overall design hasn't changed much since it originally came out, well over 10 years ago.
  8. It actually hasn't changed that much since 1976. It is also pretty much half a Katana engine.

    Yeah I got a tyre plug done by red baron once and I didn't get a good feeling.
  9. I went to the below place to get my old CBR250RR done:
    Aitken's Motorcycle World397 Newbridge Rd Moorebank 2170
    (02) 9821 1677

    They seemed ok- pretty straight forward, no nonsense. Quoted me a good price for a service o the phone and didn't try to rip me off afterwards.

    Good luck mate!
  10. I had mine done at sydney city motorcycles in liverpool. Was pretty decent priced and professional.
    Not sure if they have moved to campbelltown though?
  11. I bought my bike from Aitken's and they did the first service.
    No problems, no BS and I was pleased with the service. I'd recommend them.
  12. Yea, they've moved to Blaxland Road in Campbelltown now.
  13. I went to both red baron and aitken's was told the
    same thing no bikes over 10 years old

    at least red baron had herd of a yamaha tdr 250
    all aitken's wanted to do was tell me i was wrong and
    there was no such bike

    both of them did not inspire any confidence
  14. And that sucks, because MCAS is the only place you can get parts and accessories now and there is not exactly an extensive quality range at liverpool
  15. Yeah but most places can order them in. Just have to find out what brands they will supply.
  16. i just purchased my zx6r from aitken's and just had the 1st service the other day, cant fault them great people allways helpfull..

    ive also taken my old spada to MAS in chippng norton. my wife used to teach his son at school. both myself and a guy i work with, both use him. i have had no problems neither has the guy i work with.

    as for red barron i would not touch them with a ten foot pole.. another guy i know took his R6 there and they messed up a simple job with the muffler. reversed some sort of cover.

    hope this helps.
  17. Thank you guys, what is the phone number of that MAS place in chipping norton?
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  19. Strange to hear about Aitkens not doing bikes over 10 years old, as they were the people who I ended taking my Katana to, and they seemed to be quite happy to service it, and did a good job also.
    Perhaps as they take on more manufacturer dealerships (Aprilia, Moto Guzzi, Hyosung, Kawasaki, Polaris) they are running out of time and space to service older bikes.