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Bike Mechanic in fivedock area? (inner-west)

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by NuZiE, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm not sure if this is the correct section or not, but i want to ask, do any of you net riders know of any bike mechanics in the five dock area? or at least within the neighboring suburbs?

    if you do know of any, please let me know which ones you recommend!!

    my bike is badly in need of a service, and i want to get it done by a mechie.

    either a website, address and/or phone number would be VERY helpful!!

    Thank you all :D

    Cheers NuZo!!
  2. Sorry to railroad your thread a bit... But this is actually a really good idea. Is there a section for recommended mechanics ?

    Id love to hear from the guys on the northern beaches where they leave their loved ones to get serviced :grin: ... right now i ride all the way out to the guys at westerns in Penrith... but its a bit of a hike from my place :(
  3. Balmain m/c is nearby.


    There's ACTION m/c in the city.

    I cant comment on them as I havent had my bike serviced there.

    Run a search in this forum for repairs or mechanic, and a bundle of threads should pop up, including comments on the two above.
  4. I've used balmain m/c repairs for insurance work and had no problems at all, they even followed up a $2 clip that was initially delivered wrong part. Let me take the bike and called me when it came in - took them 2 minutes to replace. The m/c part of their business is run by a m/c enthusiast and is smallish so the wait for your booking might be a while but you know its in good hands when its there. That was my experience anyway, I'll be happy to go back and give them service work when its needed.
  5. I second the Balmain Motorcycles one. I live in Chiswick, right next to Five Dock and the closest one is Balmain Motorcycles. Have been going there for the last 2 services, never had a problem.