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Bike Mart, MotoDry, and that Zip...

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by FALCON-LORD, Jul 18, 2006.

  1. It is posible this should be somewhere else, but Not sure what the best bet is... It is part about a vendor part about a product...

    When Bikemart hosted the netrider 15% off night i got myself a Motodry duo jacket. Nice jacket (But that is not what the story is about)

    Well 4 weeks ago the zip on the inside waterproof pocket broke. so i called up Bikemart...

    I will take this point to mention a story told to me by the boss of a company that I used to work for that went along the lines of that people stuff up. This is just reality. the difrence between a good business and a bad business is how you handle it when you stuff up

    Well when i called up Bikemart there was no hesitation from them. "Give us your number and we will orgonise a loner jacket while we send yours off to be fixed" A Few days later they call back "The loner jacket will be in next week" They orgonised with Motodry to get me a lone jacket while mine was sent off to be fixed. That is fantastic from both them and motodry

    Well today I picked up my jacket all fixed all ready to rock...

    Well Done by Bike mart in orgonising everything.
    Well done to motodry for being willing to lend out a lone jacket.

    I will be happy to work with both of them again.

  2. great to hear positive dealer / retailer stories! In my opinion these are more valuable than negatives (these tell you where to go, not where not to go... with the latter not telling you what you should do)
  3. Hey there Falcon Lord. You would've seen me working there on that night in mention. That's bike mart for you in a nut shell. The boy's that work there during the week are great and are willing to help all the way.
  4. That's quality service for you! In the end, I reckon doing a great job like that pays off, because customers will keep on coming back, telling friends, and so forth. Good stuff.
  5. Yep - that's the sort of sevice they provide - They are always my first stop for gear.
  6. that's it mate.. I will get my stuff from bike mart from now...
  7. Good story! Always reassuring to hear of positive stories from good places like bike mart. Not every one out there are evil pricks out to rip off your $$$$. And having met PNUT a few times now I can safely say he is a genuine good person and if he is indictive of Bikemart staff, they won't bullshit you with fake stuff to get sales and just generally tell the truth with whatever :)
  8. Well done to Bikemart. Good to hear a positive consumer story.

    So these "loner" jackets - are they the ones that hang out on a different rack by themselves, shunning the other jackets??
    Sorry, I'm being a pedant I know. Just appealed to my twisted humour. :grin:
  9. I've never heard anyone say a word against Bikemart, and my experiences there have always been positive.

    Glad to hear they're keeping up their usual high standard! :)
  10. hmmm.... wonder when the next Bike Mart sale is on??
    Hopefully soon, going to have some tax refund $$$ to go impulse shopping with :grin: