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Bike Mart 13 Sept 7-9pm

Discussion in 'VIC' started by CFVFR, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Brian and the guys are, once again opening their doors for their usual great night of bargains, chinwags and...welllll....you know the rest.
    Special discounts also apply to any goods order on the night as well!
    Do yourselves a favor and get down on the night!



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  2. wow it has been a while. need to write a shopping list.
  3. For those who haven't been before, these nights are good value. Chance to get what you have been wanting for a while at a decent discount
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  4. (y) thanks for the update.
  5. Hmm, I do want new gear but I'm hoping to lose weight by the time I get my next bike. Thanks for the heads up anyway :)

    :edit: I do wish they'd add an actual product catelogue. We're living in the future, no excuses!
  6. Hmmm... It's getting about time for a new set of gloves... Thanks for the heads-up, Cam! :D
  7. Definitely need new gloves and also a new set of heated grips,

    Hmmm boots and pants woulnd't go astray either.
  8. New Leathers to match my bike for me :p and the hoped weight loss :p
  9. Giving this a little bump otherwise I am going to forget it
  10. Bugger it.. one day before pay day.. AND I think I don't actually need anything..
  11. One day before pay probably isn't an issue. They normally are happy to take orders paid for shortly after and still give discount. Ditto on things that they need to order in. Just as long as they are ordered on the night.
  12. Bump again :)

    I will be getting a new helmet, the Shoei NeoTec, tried one on a few weeks ago, compared to the Nolan it is so much more solid feeling, I have been looking for a helmet with an iternal sun visor for a while, this is the best I have found so far, no more multiple visor's for me :)

    Considering leather pants too..

    Possibly some gloves...

    This is gunna get expensive ...
  13. Try an evoline
  14. What's the address?

  15. read first post
    cut and paste website into browser
    click on "contact us"
    and WHALLA !!!
    Shop 4/70 Maroondah Hwy Ringwood 3134 VIC

    not that hard really
  16. No.. no .. dont help them with the attendance test :p if they cant work it out they dont get to come :) :p
  17. you could follow a painted a yellow brick road and use corner markers and people still wouldn't get there.

    perish the thought someon might break out a Melways or use Google Maps to educate themselves
  18. Hi Cam, sounds great.. How about 2 days before pay day?
    I'm looking to spend a bit as a new rider but it's 2 days early, can you honour the price until the 15th?
    I also got my Shoei helmet from you guys and very happy with the service.
  19. hahah, great customer service here.
    You should take my job in I.T
  20. That's all very nice buddy, but you may well do better contacting them personally.

    I'm just the messenger.

    Sure they will.