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Bike making car alarms nervous

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Benny Boy, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. I was on my way home this evening when I passed a parked car. As I passed its alarm gave a warning chirp. I had to see if this was just a coincidence so I circled the block and passed the car again. The alarm chirps again. Still not convinced that the rumble from my m90 could set off the warning alarm, I circled again and crept up slowly beside the car. I gave the throttle a twist and once again the alarm chirped its keep away warning. Couldn’t help but smile the rest of the way home at my bikes new ability.

    I’m sure I can’t be the only one this has happened to.
  2. My vtr1000 with megacycle pipes used to set alarms off. ESP in car parks underground.

    The low end rumble is what does it.
  3. +1 my vtr set a few alarms off when parked in close proximity, another little quirk of owning a V-twin :D
  4. Thats sweet as mate. By the look of your exhausts it doesn't surprise me lol.
  5. My bimmer although not overtly loud (90 db) still sets off car alarms because of the low end rumble.
  6. my neighbors have car alarms that go off simply when the wind changes so not a great achievement imo
  7. with my R1 Lightcycle being as tough as it is all the cars just say to themselves

    "shhhhhhh here he comes dont piss him off" :)
  8. When I'd start my torana it would interfere with the tv and the windows on my house would rattle lol.
  9. Although I imagine this would sound fantastic, I feel it is my duty as an Audiophile to warn you of the possible dangers. Ignore at your own pleasure, but I gotta say it:

    Standing behind a jet engine during take off will produce 145db, when cruising 110db, after a period of 6 hours 88db will cause permanent hearing trauma.

    The H-Bombs that were dropped on Japan produced a whopping 300db! Which is enough to tear you limb from limb and turn your innards to jelly just from the pressure of the sound alone!

    I guess what I'm saying is...wear ear-plugs?
  10. How are ear plugs gonna stop you from being torn limb from limb and having your innards turn to jelly?
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  11. Point is, you'll still be belt to hear yourself saying ''FFFFFAAAAARRRRRKKKKK'' :) I guess..
  12. Oh no, I mean Smee should wear earplugs as his bike exceeds the safe auditory levels for his inner canals by only a slight 2db. But only on rides exceeding 5.5 hours.

    Again, I don't wear ear-plugs. Ever. So I don't expect him, or anyone, to do it either. Just friendly advice.
  13. Many years ago, and in another country, I knew a bloke with a very hot (by H-D standards) Harley Shovelhead. By hot, I mean that you could have bought a couple of decent GPZ900s for what he had tied up in his engine.

    Anyway, for a laugh he'd regularly gun it down narrow streets with cars parked on both sides. What alarms weren't set off by the pipes, the unsuppressed magneto would take care of. Bonus points could be gained if any of the house alarms went off as well :twisted:.
  15. I've seen plenty of car alarms set off by Vtwins.

    Pat, how do magnetos mess up alarms?
  16. 92db is still a 66.67% increase in sound energy over 90db...
  17. Possibly by the little researched effect of owner bullshit :D. Assuming a grain of truth, however, I've always supposed it to be something to do with the electromagnetic effects upsetting sensors on doors and boot lids that rely on inductance changes to trigger them.

    You certainly couldn't get decent radio reception within a couple of hundred yards of the beast so it was quite "noisy" in the broadcast radio area of the EM spectrum. Without doubt illegally so.
  18. Same way that safety vests make you invulnerable to ion cannons and barina drivers.
  19. Bike making car's antsy? the force is strong in this one.