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NSW Bike make/model incorrect on infringement notice

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Unconnected, Jun 2, 2012.

  1. Evening NR.

    Was out for a ride this morning on the old road (awesome conditions lol) and was alleged to have performed an illegal uturn by plod going into berowa mobil.

    On the infringement notice he listed my VFR400R as a CB400, the rego # is correct however.

    I know that you can often have fines overturned if the officer incorrectly listed your rego. So im wondering if there is a potential to have the noticed overturned due to the fact he listed my bike as something it isnt.

    Interested to hear your perspectives on the issue.
  2. I don't like your luck:


    http://www.legislation.nsw.gov.au/xref/inforce/?xref=Type=act AND Year=1996 AND no=99&nohits=y

    You could make a fuss but if that results in them cancelling it then they can just write a new one.

    Edit: This is at the enforcement order stage. Not sure before but I reckon you have little chance.
  3. After a quick read of this, my understanding is that infringement notices contain both essential and nonessential information, simply because there is an incorrect detail does not mean it is invalid. It depends on what is incorrect, and if your license number, rego and name are all correct that seems like it is enough... ?
  4. What's the penalty?
  5. 206$ and two points i was told, was glad he didnt get me for my bullshit p plate location as i woulda been walking. Gotta love government mandated discrimination.

    EDIT: Cheers for the link deadsy, im sure itl come in handy in future.
  6. Take it to court, if he can't get the bike correct then then now is he meant to be correct on your infringement....
  7. I'd probably not pay the fine until they send you a reminder letter after 21 days I believe it is (occurs no extra fees until the second reminder I think), just on the off chance they can't match up rego to an address (of yours) and they don't know where to send it - most probably the officer has it in his book or might be on the infringement slip though.

    If they send you a reminder then I would pay the fine, pretty certain you can't get out of it on a technicality.
  8. but you have a set time to lodge an appeal... think its 15 days or so
  9. If the license number and rego were recorded correctly, won't the system show that the rego = vfr400 registered to the same details on the license? Doesn't that make the incorrect model on the infringement notice a minor detail?
  10. Good luck. When I used to write infringements I used to just write "blue sedan". As long as the details are correct for computer purposes, i.e. licence and registration you have buckleys.

    As if police know every type of motorcycle/vehicle on the roads. That's what registration plates are for.
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  11. Sorry mate but if you bring it to their notice they'll just issue you a new piece of paper with the correct details. The expiation will stand in almost all cases.
  12. yeah it seems i have no choice but to cop it, oh well, it was pretty stupid to chuck a uey there considering that there is almost always a cop in the area booking riders.

    At least i wont lose my license, considering all speeding offences carry a license loss period anyway, im not really any worse off with 2 points v 4.

    I will say, $206 for a fing uturn? what are they smoking? Dont they realise i was in a rush to get my cupcakes that id left at home...
  13. That's funny. Monetry penalty's are not set by the police, they are set by your state government.

    Perhaps you should direct this to them instead.
  14. All G men are the same buddy...
  15. How the hell do you mistake a VRF-anything for a CB-anything?
  16. yet you will be the first to complain when all motorcyclists are tarred with the same brush.
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