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Bike Maintenance

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by echoball, Nov 24, 2004.

  1. I know there has been posts before about this stuff...as a new rider I would like to learn a little about how my liddle two fiddy works.
    Anyone know of basic courses (night preferably) that we can take our own bikes to? :)

  2. We held a spanner day (was going to be the first of many) 20 people turned up and no one wanted anything done to their bikes so we all went for a ride instead.
    I spoze they could always be reintroduced if the demand was there.
  3. Holmesglen TAFE had one I went to, focused heavily on the operation on engines but the guy covered pretty much whatever you asked.

    Check your local TAFEs to see what they have to offer in their short courses.
  4. Seeing as there has been a great amount of newbies join the forums in the recent weeks, maybe another spanner day is in order. What do you newbies (and regs) think, should we do it?
  5. I'd love to learn anything I can about maintaining my bike. A spanner day would be great!

    :D :D :D

    (Still yet to explain the oil patch in the carpark at work. Got bored at lunchtime and decided to change the oil and oil filter)
  6. I am definately up for a spanner day. I know nothing about bike mechanics (or car mechanics for that matter), and would like to get to know mine a little better...
  7. if enough people are up for it i'd be happy to come along :)
  8. i'd be up for it and i even have a dead bike (ds7) we could fix as an example. i think it would be very rewarding for everyone to get this bike back on the road
  9. spanner day

    I just purchased my first bike
    found this thread, i woul dlove to learn more about my bike
    any suggestions?
    spanner day coming up in melbourne?
  10. Re: spanner day

    I wish we could have one in Sydney.......
  11. Will bring this up at the HHB on wednesday , think we could get the gurus to show us the ropes ,i would be happy just to see a chain being cleaned properly and ajusted ect.
    We would just need a descent spot we could all meet and fit .i.e someones ,one car garage would be abit small.
  12. yeah , im up for one in sydney. Please PM me, because sometimes im blind and miss threads if one is happening....
  13. Hi Papemate .

    Not sure if you have seen it ,but NSW has it's own event section now and it's easy to see what coming up .

    Cheers Sled.
  14. I'll be up for a spanner day.... can I get an invite if anyone is organising one.

  15. same here, need help to learn basics on bikes!
  16. Well.. I need to give my bike a bit of a service and oil change, after the maintenance sesson PNUT and VTRBob had, so maybe if they want to hold one again, I could use my bike as guinea pig? I'll do everything myself. :]
    I'll learn and so will everyone else....
    Hmm.. what an idea, better PM PNUT. :p
  17. I would be up for attending this too.
  18. I'm trying to organize something here so here are the interested parties:


    FYI, this will be somewhere in Melbourne, so if you can't make that please let me know, and most likely to be held on a weekend (either Saturday or Sunday.)

    Also, just somethings I thought I'd take the time to say, disclaimer time! The below is just my view on it:

    Please don't just say "yes" just because the session is free and you want to keep a slot open "just in case."

    In most cases people free up their time to do this, and the least you can do it say what you'd do and show up.

    IMHO, it sucks when people do this, because it feels like they're only in this for themselves and won't return anything to the netrider community.

    Ta! :]
  19. Perhaps if you decide on a time and place first then we can commit 100% rather than trying to commit to something that may end up 500km away on a day I can't make.

    Just a thought. :)

    I would like to come, but can't say yes without knowing when and where.
  20. I can definitely make anything in Melbourne, and on the weekend.