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Bike Maintenance for dummies......(or newbies)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by DK, Aug 5, 2004.

  1. does any know of a hands-on, short course for those of us who need a little refresher on bike maintenance?? things like changing oil, brake pads, flushing radiators, blah, blah...

    i've read the articles here, but im the type of bloke who likes to see these things happen before I have a go.

    thanks :)
  2. maybe , that is something that could be looked at a netrider mechanical night .
    it might take a bit to orginise , but mike would be a good instructor for it .
  3. I'd definitely be interested - as long as I could get to it. :?
  4. Ring Redwing Honda and see if they still offer their course...it was free when they were at their olfd premises...not sure about now...
    9455 2922
  5. if u live down penninsula way i think chisholm tafe in frankston offer a short course for bike maintence :)
  6. Netrider had a spanner day a couple of years ago.
    Only one bike got fixed then we all went for a ride.

    Could be a goer....

    Grommet, you're it! organise it :)
  7. As long as its not an across , they arn't worth fixing :roll:
  8. my shedules flat chat at the moment , but we will in a couple of months
    I will get a list of what people need to do , and speak to mike and any other people ( drop me a list of names people who are switched on mechanically and what you can do ) and we will orginise a day with the overseer's instructors and will have one

    even have a BBQ and a few drinks afterwards and there is plenty of room to crash overnight or throw up tents in the back yard etc .
  9. I've been going to the Holmesglen Morotbike maintainence course the last few weeks and it focuses on the operation and mantainence of he engine itself, fanastically helpful to understand all the lingo and I'm toying with the idea of getting into my engine and cleaning the ports but I would really like to have a more general run thoughmaintainence task. Such as oil, oil filter and air filter changing, brake and throttle cable tightening and alot of the stuff that is done during the scheduled services.

    SO yer I'd be keen to attend a netrider maintainence tutorial.
  10. I did a basic motorcycle maintenance course with swinburne in Lilydale a couple of years ago and found it really helpful. I like to pretend that I'm mechanically-minded :LOL: and will give things a go. After doing that course, I did all my minor services on my zzr250 and cbr600 myself with no hassles! I always took it to the workshop though for majors, just in case!
  11. yep, interested in learning all things bike mechanical, just in case. they've gotta be easier than cars. There is a Holmesglen course mid november and i think in Oct too. :wink:
  12. I've done something similar in the past (not bikes though) where the "fee" for your day's instruction was a slab.

    ahh, fond memories... that was a LOOOOONG day....

    I'd certainly be interested in a day like that, although mainly for general knowledge in my case - oil, water, etc. Anything more complex (for me) goes to the mechanic.