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Bike Maintance

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Shadow_Master, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. Heya people...

    I recently brought myself a 98 Suzuki Across... I not the brightest with bikes mechanically, but I was wanting to get some help on what you guys you might suggest as routine bike maintance.. things I can do to keep my bike in top performance and make it last? :)


  2. Did you get the factory user manual with it? They all include a maintenance and servicing guide with intervals and frequency. That would be the best place for you to start.
  3. thanks will look through it and come back if i have any quesitons :p
  4. oh.. there is one thing... any recommendations on what engine oil i should use? any brand is better for it etc? also does the type/brand filter make a diff? :?

  5. Nearly all of the factory manuals recommend the frequency to service items on the bike. My CB250N manual recommends that it the bike is driven in a 'normal' fashion every day, that is not caned, then engine oil every 6Kkm, breaks every 12Kkm etc. There is a matirx in the book that lists all the items on the bike and then there's a tick or cross as to whether the item should be attended to depending on whether the bike has done 6Kkm, 12KKm, 18KKm, 24KKm etc.
  6. Most modern bikes just need oil and oil filter (if its a disposable type) on a regular basis.

    I would change it a bit more then the factory reccomendation. Maybe 5K.

    Then teach yourself:

    - Chain adjust
    - Brake pads
    - Brake bleed &/or fluid change.
    - air filter change (or clean if appropriate)
    - plug replacement
    - lube cables

    Teach youself to these and you will save a fair bit of money. You can do them with a minimum amount of tools. You should'nt need to go to a mechanic unless you are cracking an engine case or doing shims, or similar.
  7. Or if you're like me, who tends to have some strange inate ability to mess up any mechanical repair/service I attempt.
  8. Or checking carby balancing,
    Or checking injector performance,
    Or checking ignition timing,

    All of which, unless you are a proficiently mechanically minded, cannot really be done at home and these should be checked at least every major (every 12K) service.
  10. Sorry, but back to engine maintenance/tuning 101 for you. If they are charging and don't check them, your getting ripped off and your bikes probably not running as well as it could be.

    Carby balancing ... idle and air/fuel mix screws and tension clamps vibrate and loosen, accelerator cables stretch slightly over time, vacuum hose pressure and air intake levels change, butterfly valves opening at slightly different timings. Especially important on multipel carby bikes (eg. most ducati's). All should be checked on at least a major services

    Fuel injector performance ... contaminants block injector discharge and cause poor spray patterns. Needle seats and plungers start to weaken.

    Ignition timing ... not every bike is a 'modern' bike. And timing checks, and possible adjustment requirements, are always necessary.
  11. Mouth,

    Point taken on the carbies, but modern carbies are pretty good. I'd suggest you would get 25K without even looking at them. The Amals and Delortos needed constant fiddling. I know my last bike was a Laverda.

    As for Fuel injection, most "fuel injection" problems are plugs and leads. Mechanics make heeps of money on this. You should get 200K before they wear out and mofern fuel is self cleaning.

    As for timing, I think most people in this forum ride at least a mid 70s bike, so timing is a no touch affair. Anyone who's riding anthing with points knows how to set them.
  12. Shadow_Master says his bike is a 98, so at 7yo it's probably done 25,000km and teh carby will need lokign at and checking/balancing if it's not been done before, and also checked again at major services.

    Agreed on the injectors being mostly plugs and leads, but waiting 200K for them to wear out before checking them for performance isn't good. Any good mechanic will give them a performance check from approx 40K and then every 20K .. it doesn't take much, and relying on fuel for self clean isn't worth it if you find the injectors not performing

    You might be surprised just how many people don't know how to check timing and set them. I would think it will be most that don't, rather than most that do.

    In the end it's too each his own, I prefer to ensure that carby, injectors, and timing are checked regularly enough and don't mind paying the mechanic an extra $50-$100 (or doing it myself) every 20K or so on a bike to ensure they're working optimally.
  13. Jason,

    It appears we are of similar mind.

    I just get annoyed when service people just tell owners stuff needs doing that doesn't.