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Bike Magazines

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Wanderer, Jan 12, 2005.

  1. OK,

    I know I will probably start something with this question, but which are the better bike mags to buy. The local Newsagent doesn't stock many, but I bet there are a heap of good ones out there. Mainly interested in technical and riding tips articles.


  2. I always purchase Australian Motorcycle news, comes out every two weeks now on a Wed so is due out today. reminds me must go and get a couple on the way home.
  3. Been covered elsewhere I think, but I tend to buy Australian Roadrider (quarterly) and Two Wheels (monthly).

  4. AMCN, Thanx Scumbag, I'm off to my local milkbar who orders in my fortnightly mag for me :D
  5. I'm not sure, but AMCN might be due next Wed because of the Xmas break. I'd better check the newsagent anyway!

    I got a subscription to Two Wheels for Xmas; I also buy Australian Road Rider and AMCN.

    And I occasionally buy the UK mag Two Wheels Only (aka TWO), which is worth a look.
  6. I know it was 4 weeks since the last one and it normally turns up the day before I get paid and tomorrow would be two paydays since the last one. So I will have a look.
  7. ARR myself, like several others here.

    Actually caught the other half reading the latest one. Its a start...
  8. Just correcting myself - the new AMCN IS in the shops today.
  9. Iron Horse and OZbike, perennial classics and very worthwhile in a "Picture" sort of way. [removes tounge from cheek]

    AMCN, Two Wheels and Australian Motorcycle Trader (I think that's it) are probably the pick of the crop.
  10. AMCN is a good mag but a little light weight on the articles....but its good cause its fortnightly...the guys do a great job

    Two wheels cause its more in depth and i have been buying since 1990, two years before i could even ride a bike legally
  11. Got to agree on amcn being a bit light on these days.
    Can anyone actually read a whole cathcart article without falling asleep?
    Has anyone actually read an entire cathcart article?
  12. I like AMCN, but the mag I prefer is UK's BIKE magazine. It has some good articles, reviews, tips etc. It is a bit more expensive, but I think it is worth it.
  13. I piked up a UK mag called "RiDE" the other day in borders, it's fantastic. I found it heaps better than most of the aussie ones, but then I just like the pommy turn of phrase.
  14. I really like Aust Roadrider, my boyfriend likes Aus Motorcycle News.

  15. Personally I love my AMCN. Have been reading it for so long now and it is just the mag I turn to each time. :)
  16. RIDE , TWO and STREETFIGHTER are the mags of choice if i can get em, dont go into borders that often
  17. AMCN was due out today, subscribers should get theirs tomorrow or Friday. I got hubby a 6 month subscription for his Chrissy present. I read bits of it but I'd rather watch a race than read about it so I don't usually bother with the race reports. Boris is a tw*t but pretty funny sometimes!

    I like Road Rider too, I like reading the articles about touring o/s destinations on a bike.

    We get Two Wheels and Rapid bikes occasionally if there's something of particluar interest in it.
  18. Boris always gets a smile from me. most of the time I think he does it just for the reaction. Mind you coming from a man who is the editor of Picture or People magazine I am not suprised.
  19. I asked a similar question about 6 months ago. General response was that many didn't think any mag worth the money and the rest were fairly widely distributed with AMCN and Two Wheels standing out. Since then I have found Two Wheels is ok but a bit pricy for what it is so I gave it the flick. AMCN was good value but has recently had a price rise, format change and now seems to be a bit thinner too. I am still getting most issues of AMCN (just picked up todays issue) but I am reserving judgement since the change.
  20. used to read Two Wheels, but now only read AMCN, been hanging out over xmas....
    I also get the Australian Motorcycle Trader, just to keep an eye on whats for sale..