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Bike Lock, What do I use?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Topkat, May 31, 2007.

  1. Hi Members,

    I just about have all my gear before I order my bike I would like to know about locks;

    What should I pay?

    What sort should I look at?

    What should I keep away from?

    Waht is a fair price to pay?My new bike will be a "Hyosung Aquilia 250" I have looked at a disk lock, i know if they really want it they will take it so this is just a deterent.

    What do you use or should I purchase a hand gun...lol
  2. A hand gun sounds like a good idea !!! lol

    Ive got a disc lock, but theyre not really that great....... Not that ive had any problems so far !

    The thing is, I dont think it really matters what you put on there.... If somebody really wants your bike then they wil figure out a way to get it !

    A lot of the posts on here will point to, rather than locks or alarms etc, quik trak. This is a Sat Nav tracking system that, if your bike is stolen, they can track it and tell the police where it is.
    Its an extra monthly cost, but if youre really worried then it may be worth it......
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  4. what would you guys recommend for security options for under $100. I have full insurance and I dont want to spend heaps consiudering its not an $$ bike anyway. disc lock the best option so far it seems.
  5. Xena locks are great locks the disc costs about 70-100 bucks well worth it.
  6. I have an OnGuard disc lock which I paid around $60-70 for. It's ok, but it won't stop anyone from carrying the bike away.

    Best security is insurance.
  7. Anything made by Kryptonite simply 1st class
  8. Also got a Xena disc lock with alarm. Great product - bout $100.
  9. I had a kryptonite disc lock and it was good quality and did the job.

    But as others have said full insurance is your best security, cause if someone really wants your bike it only takes 2 blokes and a ute or van :wink:

  10. a. it's a hyosung
    b. it's a cruiser
    c. it's a 250
    d. it's a hyosung

    you have all the antitheft you need ;)

    Welcome to the forums ha.

    Good insurance policy beats any anti-theft device.
  11. Its a 170 kg+ bike its not going anywhere ....lol

    I got a disk lock i haven't used got it when i got my bike (as i never park in unsafe areas it was a waste of cash)
  12. A length of chain looped through the back wheel with the padlock resting on your seat. this way its hard to forget the chain. nothing like seeing someone lose a few spokes, or pull a disc lock thorugh the calipers, haha.

    But insurance is your best bet

  13. hehehe....170kg as well ( they'll need to be strong to lift it hey!) Australia is learning to love these sexy bikes Im.on.it - thanks for the laugh to guys

    So all I need is a good stationary lock, so it looks like a Xena disc lock with alarm. Great product - about $100 will be my new purchase.

    Thank you all for your advice, but keep it coming! Others will need help :wink:
  14. Glad you saw the humour in it. :)

    170kg is heavy for a 250, but not so heavy for 4 blokes.
    Don't forget a reminder cable so you don't warp your brake disc.
    Also get a bright colour so it acts more like a deterrent.

    I have a U-lock, which fits nicely under my seat very snug. I never use it, so it now sits on the garage floor.
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  17. Im.on.it...I'm buying a Hyosung, I need a sence of humour :LOL: It will do it's job!
  18. Not much room for anything under the seat of the Aquila
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  20. I have a Xena disk lock which is pretty handy - no disc lock is going to stop a determined theif but at least the Xena's have a chance to get someone's attention. Just remember to keep your allen key handy when the battery is dying, otherwise it won't shut up :shock:

    Not everything made by every supplier is first rate - even kryptonite. Best way to look at them is a deterrent that might save you some inconvenience and an insurance excess.

    I reckon go for a xena :)