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BIke loaded to van, Sydney CBD 7 Dec 2007

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ziggyboy, Dec 7, 2007.

  1. Druitt St cnr Sussex St bike parking space, 11:30am, 7 Dec 2007

    I saw a couple of blokes load a red sportsbike to a van. They may or may not be stealing it I don't know. There were a fair amount of people there and they weren't in a hurry. But I suppose if I wanted to steal bikes I'd pretend it was mine and wouldn't hurry up to raise suspicion.

    So just to be on the safe side I have taken note of the van's number plate. Let me know if you hear of anyone report a stolen bike in that area.
  2. Call the cops and give them the info. You may not hear about the theft, so your info might never get used.
  3. I agree, just give the info to the cops. If there is anything reported stolen in the area they will corolate the info.
  4. Good post!
    Good to see someone being vigilant!
  5. hopefully it wasnt my red bike they loading into the a van, did you notice a Learner Licence plate on it?

    PS People who steal bikes or any vehicle are knobs and i hope they catch the guy.
  6. I would've said they were f*cking scumbag c*nts who don't deserve to breathe my air, but "knobs" works just as well. :LOL:

  7. Come on Cookeetree say wot u really feel, ur amongst friends here!!!!!!!
  9. Hmmm i sense i little scepticism here!! whilst i salute your vigilance ziggyboy, im thinking that some poor bugger had the misfortune of a broken down bike as i had a couple of weeks ago :cry:

    I admit that as my tow man was loading my baby it all happened so quickly that it made me realise how easy it is for some pr*&k to get away with it!
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    Only takes a few seconds .Time from when the guy first touchs the bike till they drive away.


    Wonder if a disk lock would of slowed these guys down ..maybe.. 2 seconds?

    Maybe a big chuncky chain? maybe an extra 5 seconds?

    Just got to make sure you got insurance :wink:

    And watch the other videos on the right , the one with How NOT to steal a bike :LOL:
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    Insurance is definately the key (so to speak)

    Some "knob" (I will reluctately leave it at that) stole my XR650 from my locked garage with a heavy chain around it.

    I know where I would wrap that chain if I found them but the insurance covered my loss.
  12. You know, if Sydney city council installed a metal bar along the kerb next to the designated bike parking, everyone could chain their bikes to it and be a lot better off.

    As it is, I ride around and look for a spot with something I can chain the bike to.
  13. +1 report it to the cops, you get both front and back plates? different due to theft?

    Also, any fratures from the guys who did it?
  14. The easiest thing to do in this circumstance is to stand discretely away and film them with the camera in your phone... and *then* ring the police.
  15. Was it secured to anything? Was it a proper hardened boron (or similar) chain or just a big chain from bunnings? If it was the latter then it's no surprise, soft iron chains can be cut through with a pair of $20 bolt cutters. The hardened security chains require a LOT more leverage.