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Bike lifts

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by D955, Oct 3, 2011.

  1. Hey all - not sure where to start this thread so happy if it needs to be moved.

    I am looking at bike lifts/hoists/tables for general work on a sports bike eg fork removal and servicing, wheels off, brake jobs - pretty much everything except major engine work, for which the bike goes to the shop.

    As my back (and pretty much all the rest of me) is not as young as it once was, I have been looking at getting the bike off the ground.

    Does anyone have experience (good or bad) with the "Big Blue Lift"?


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  2. I'm interested too - in one that's affordable and reliable - based on someone's experience.
  3. +111 for Radum.. I have a paddock stand about same price as Aldi had but a heap better quality!! Had a look around in Melb showroom huge to offer with options and prices seem [to me anyway] as being very reasonable..
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  4. Thanks for the tips - off I go in search!
  5. Noob here, twist the thread a little, what type of lift should i be looking at if i want to have the bike off the ground to take the front forks off? etc?.

    Something like this?
    1 - http://radum.com.au/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=8999


    2 - http://radum.com.au/catalog/product_info.php?products_id=6549


    3 - http://www.ims-racing.com.au/bursig.php (EXPENSIVE)


    http://catalogues.repco.com.au/offe...urce=search&term=pro_lift_atv_motorcycle_lift ($149 and 680Kg capacity - seems too good to be true)


  6. No. But I do have one of the Radum table lifts. I also have one of their jacks, and a kaneng rear paddock stand. I find I use them all at different times. I also need to get a stand for the front-end just to have more options.

    The table is great for raising the bike to a comfortable level for an old bloke like me. The rear stand is useful for oiling/adjusting chains on my bikes without centre stands, and at the moment I use the jack to lift the front wheels while either on the table or rear stand. Not ideal, which is why I'm after the front stand.

    I wouldn't be comfortable lifting the whole bike on anything less that the table lift, purely for stability. Once it's on it's clamped with a pair of tie-downs, and not moving anywhere. The table has wheels, so I can shift it if I have to.

    ooh. I've just googled 'Big Blue Lift', and there's no way I'd use one of them. For the same money you could get a proper table.


  7. Ok thanks Ian - same old story - the more I look the more confused I become!
    I was looking at stands other than a table because I figure if I need to pull forks etc I still need a front stand also.....
  8. Yeah. I know what you mean. There's always a bike I'm working on on my table, so I couldn't do without that. Front and rear stands are also very handy when you just want to lift a wheel. You've made my mind up for me now and I'm going to get a front stand to complete the set. I guess if you didn't have 5 bikes you wouldn't need as much gear :wink:

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  9. I like these but they are pricey

  10. So what bike lift would best suit if you need to take front forks off?
  11. If it's just front forks, you can use a front stand.
  12. i actually had a look in radum when i was there picking up some stuff for work a while back... but there was way to much! will be getting some paddock stands (at the least) soon enough, though.