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Bike license plates, facing upwards

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by cosi, Dec 5, 2005.

  1. whats the deal with that?

    i've noticed it on a lot of new sportsbikes

    harder to get snapped?

    is it illegal?
  2. End-user mod.

    Not standard from show-room floor.



    Victorian road law states that it is illegal to modify or obscure the registration plate in any way that could prevent traffic infringement enforcement, which includes automatic and/or roadside cameras.

    In the end, it's up to an officer's subjective judgement to pull someone over and hit them with the on-the-spot charge for it. It's a 3 points off your license offence, and the dollar fine is around the $200 mark I believe.
  3. do many people get pulled up for it?

    do you have it on your r1?

    i havn't got enough points to risk it anyway but it looks cooler
  4. It seems that police registration and license checking road blocks have become a somewhat regular event at popular motorcycling destinations. If you ride often on popular roads, you're more than likely to get nabbed sooner or later.

    Me? No. I try not to give automated speed cameras a reason to take my picture.

    It's the individual's choice if they choose to risk it. Basically it's rolling the dice on the odds on whether or not they'll avoid more automated fines vs being picked up for an obscured plate. The more people that do it, you can be sure that the more road blocks there will be, or at least this seems to be the pattern of late with fairly regular registration checks going on at the spurs of late.
  5. thanks for this discussion cathar you have been a great help :)_
  6. Agree with Cather , not worth the risk but it's a personal choice .
  7. Agree with the comments above, also I see it as another reason for the cops to pull you over, I try not to get there attention for any reason.
  8. I saw a guy yesterday on the Bolte bridge. His plate was just a bit smaller than a standard one, and the letters were a darkish blue, and beyond a certain distance it was bloody hard to read. Anyone know anything about smaller plates?
  9. maybe its a scam created by the VIC government to get bike riders off the road ? maybe it creates some truth to the rumour i heard about VIC bikes being banned ? .... or maybe its just the effect of the phsychotropic drugs the phsychoanalist prescribed me .... NETRIDERS OF VICTORIA ....RISE UP !! ... we are at war with the suit wearing grey army we all pay to run our country ....NETRIDERS OF AUSTRALIA UNITE !! ..... VIVA the extra cup holders!! ..... VIVA the extra space!! ...VIVA la revolution !! ..... hehehehee :p
  10. I saw a guy once with his leg bent around the back of his bike obscuring his plate ....his plate was sprayed with hairspray to obstruct the cameras and his wife was on the back flashing anything that moved .....lucky bugger !!
  11. 3 points and $110 dollars is the fine
    and any item confiscated :D
  12. covers , flippers , etc
    they take them with them on the spot.
  13. Look out Deb they take flippers now :p :LOL:
  14. :shock: :shock:
  15. could be cause for concern
  16. The fine is $114 and it is 1 point off your licence in Victoria. In NSW it is 3 points and $375. I was issued with a Fine which I fought and won in Court.
  17. Apparently if you kneel down 6ft from the rear of the bike and are still able to see the letters its not illegal..

    A few of the guy's on the R1 forum have been told this from a cop..
  18. in NSW it's 3 points and a $300 fine :|
  19. Only, psychiatrists are allowed to prescribe drugs so it was most likely a drug dealer with a hobby as an armchair psychoanalyst and a stolen prescription pad. I would suggest checking the credentials of your proctologist as well before the next visit :shock: